• Compleat Buy to Pay

    Compleat extends Sage Intacct, automating the entire AP process including integrated online buying.

  • Compleat is a multi-lingual, multi-currency SaaS application that extends the functionality of Sage Intacct through a Sage accredited, real time integration fully automating the accounts payable processes for small and mid-sized businesses, globally.

    Compleat automates entire buying, invoice capture and approval processes, increasing AP efficiency, whilst saving more than the cost of licenses with company-wide unified buying (e. g. Amazon Business), eliminating the risk of fraud and providing full visibility and control over company spend.

    Compleat utilizes advanced AI and machine learning across every aspect of its applications, speeding up invoice capture, automating GL coding and approval workflow selection to deliver up to a 90% productivity gain. Our drag and drop approval workflows meet the most sophisticated requirements and speed up processes with smart simultaneous approval routing, also available via our mobile app for people on the go.

    Key Benefits:
    Compleat AP automation seamlessly integrates with Sage Intacct surpassing the expectations of AP automation capabilities. Compleat is tailored for businesses in the USA, UK and Australia with all respective local tax and data protection requirements in place.

    • Built-in online purchasing
      • Integrated with Amazon Business for seamless online purchase, approval, order placement, invoices capture and PO match
      • The perfect digital buying experience that delivers savings
    • Powerful invoice capture
      • AI and machine learning powered technology allows more accurate, quicker and cheaper AP automation
      • Advanced automated capture and GL coding at supplier, invoice header and invoice line levels
    • Dynamic approval workflows
      • Transparent and automated multi-step invoice approval processes
      • Simple to configure with drag and drop
      • Includes smart simultaneous approval routes for quickest possible result
      • Dedicated mobile app for approvals on the go
    • Full visibility and control over the AP process
      • Total oversight of the status of every invoice and payment status
      • Fully automated accruals and real time cash requirement reporting
    • Purchase order automation
      • Raise requisitions, undertake approvals and generate POs
      • Automated PO and invoice matching
    • Payment agnostic: freedom to choose any payment system.
    • Often going live in as little as one day.

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Webservices

    Affordable for every business: application software subscription and cost per invoice processed.

    Integration Approved Countries:
    Australia; United Kingdom; United States;

    Founded in 2008 by Neil Robertson & Phillip Douglas, Compleat Software has rapidly grown to become one of the leading providers of Accounts Payable (AP) automation & Purchase to Pay solutions across the globe.
    We have one goal, to help businesses of all shapes & sizes, globally, achieve the extraordinary through automation.
    To do this, we have developed simple & affordable solutions that allow our customers to automate each part of the purchase to pay process.
    Our tools are easy to use, require minimal set up & can be taken on step by step. Meaning you & your team don't have to take on more than you can handle.
    Starting with low-cost digital invoice automation, your business can remove one of the biggest burdens on your AP team in just a few days.
    Follow this with cutting-edge approval automation, simple online buying & integration with most leading Accounting Software / ERPs, you can fully automate the AP & Finance process.
    The ultimate result is allowing our customers to make significant savings (with Savings as a Service) on what they buy, simply by making use of the data & information that is being captured & automatically processed.
    Serving more than 500 customers & numerous partners, our system processes thousands of e-invoices a day & billions of $’s in spend data. Combined, this provides our customers with real returns. Not just in time, but also in money.
    Compleat Software has offices in the United Kingdom, United States & Australia.
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    Phone: +44-(0)-845-890-2030
    Website: https://www.compleatsoftware.com/
    Year Founded: 2008
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