• LeaseQuery

    Complex accounting simplified. Compliance with lease accounting standards and seamless integration

  • LeaseQuery takes your lease accounting through compliance and beyond. From reporting to journal entries, our CPA-approved, cloud-based solution simplifies lease accounting and facilitates compliance for organizations across all sectors reporting under FASB, IFRS, and GASB. PLUS seamless integration with Sage Intacct automatically produces the journal entries necessary to the Sage Intacct General Ledger.

    LeaseQuery is built with the complexities of lease accounting in mind, arming accountants with operational tools, data integrity, accounting intelligence, and the specific disclosure reports required by auditors and regulators.

    Key Benefits:

    LeaseQuery is the leading solution for lease accounting with over 10,000 users in 93 countries. Integrate it with the Sage Intacct General Ledger to:

    • Facilitate a smooth transition to the new lease accounting standards 
    • Utilize CPA tested and proven calculations for proper accounting and confident compliance
    • Deliver all necessary disclosure reports 
    • Provide audit trails and lease change reporting to facilitate efficient audits 
    • Store all lease related documents in a cloud-based repository for easy access and a single source of truth
    • Validate invoices received with accurate AP reports
    • Support ongoing compliance FASB, GASB, and IFRS lease accounting standards, including dual reporting, so a single system can handle multiple standards
    • Access lease accounting expertise - LeaseQuery was built by accountants for accountants

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services

    SaaS subscription priced base on the number of leases.

    Integration Approved Countries:
    Australia; United States;


    LeaseQuery makes the lives of accountants easier by simplifying the complex with technology.  Our namesake software, LeaseQuery, is a cloud-based lease accounting and lease management solution that enables you to simplify accounting for leases and easily comply with FASB ASC 842, IFRS 16, and GASB 87.

    LeaseQuery is focused on serving the modern accountant with the next generation of cloud-based accounting technology solutions. We empower our customers by delivering the most user-friendly and trustworthy financial accounting solutions in the world. More than 2,000 satisfied customers use our top-rated products in 87 countries, and we pride ourselves on our 99%+ customer retention rate. The expertise of our valued team members drives our unstoppable success.

    Phone: (404) 428-8911
    Website: https://leasequery.com/
    Year Founded: 2012
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