• ILeasePro - Lease Management, Analysis & Accounting

    iLeasePro, for Lessees or Tenants, makes it easier for firms to manage the lease lifecycle.

  • iLeasePro, for Lessees or Tenants, makes it easier for firms to manage the lease lifecycle of both Real Estate and Equipment leases and comply with the upcoming FASB and IASB Lease Accounting changes.

    iLeasePro is a cost-effective, cloud-based Lease Management and Lease Accounting solution that brings transparency, information sharing capabilities and efficiency to the lease portfolio of lessees. Accessible on a desktop,laptop, tablet, iPad or iPhone.

    Key Benefits:

    1. Cloud-Based - No Hardware Required, Rapid Implementation and Setup
    2. Comprehensive Lease Management, Lease Accounting & Lease Analysis 
    3. Seamless Web Service Integration with existing accounting system
    4. Highly Customizable and Scalable
    5. FASB/IASB Lease Accounting Compliance

    System Requirements:
    Intacct Web Services;

    Paid Application

    iLease Management LLC, a team of over 150 years experience and expertise in real estate, accounting and technology, has developed the iLeasePro solution not only to address the upcoming FASB (ASC842) Lease Accounting compliance changes but also as a long term global lease management solution. Developed as an intuitive and easy to use cloud-based solution, iLeasePro is highly scalable with a flexible administration component to offer lessees a self-service, subscription based access for smaller and growing companies as well as more complex entitlement access and portfolio level enterprise features for those companies with more sophisticated reporting and monitoring structures.

    iLeasePro is fully integrated with Intacct to allow its users the ability to automatically upload its lease accounting journal entries. 

    The FASB (ASC 842) Lease Accounting compliance changes may cause significant impact to the operations of most firms, but we feel that they will provide firms the opportunity to review their leasing policies and procedures and institute changes that will drive efficiency, collaboration and overall cost savings.  iLease Management is here to help! We are not just a software vendor. We will become a vested partner available to support your lease management needs.

    Phone: (978) 853-6335
    Website: http://ileasepro.com/leaseaccounting
    Year Founded: 2012
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