• ExpenseConnect Concur Integration

    Seamless bi-directional integration between Concur and Intacct.

  • Integrating your expense data between Concur and Intacct is simplified and streamlined with ExpenseConnect. This is a packaged cloud-to-cloud integration product that eliminates the need for your organization to manually download and manipulate files to integrate data between systems. ExpenseConnect allows you the flexibility to define the data mapping between Concur and Intacct to fit your business requirements without costly custom development. You may configure the product to integrate expense reports from Concur into any of the following Intacct modules: •General Ledger (Journal Entry) •Accounts Payable (Bill) •Time & Expense (Expense Report) •Order Entry (Sales Invoice) ExpenseConnect accommodates various currency transactions, multi-entity deployments of Intacct, corporate card payments through Concur Expense Pay, and non-reimbursable expenses. Inquire about ExpenseConnect today and learn how this product can provide your organization with a clean, cost effective integration solution between Concur and Intacct.

    Key Benefits:

    • Flexible data mapping
    • Seamless cloud-based integration
    • Mutli-currency and multi-entity
    • Bi-directional synchronization

    A Concur App Center Certified product.


    System Requirements:

    Paid Application


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