• Yaypay - Intelligent AR Automation

    AR Platform to Automate and Prioritize Collection Management

  • YayPay is a data-driven accounts receivables automation platform. The solution automates collection workflows, forecasts cash, analyzes A/R trends, and provides a dedicated CRM for finance teams.

    Our platform will help Sage Intacct users increase cash flows, reduce collections related time & expenses, and predict cash. YayPay bridges the gap between invoice generation and cash application by offering intelligent collection automation tools.

    YayPay will use Sage Intacct API to fetch information about customers, contacts, invoices, payments and credit memos.

    Integration will be implemented using standard Sage Intacct API.

    Key Benefits:

    Yaypay’s real-time integration with Sage Intacct downloads current and historical accounting data (such as invoices, payments, customer contacts) in order to facilitate Yaypay services. This allows for complete visibility and simple management of client’s Accounts Receivable.

    Key Benefits

    • Improve cash flows and lower DSO
    • Reduce collection related time & expenses
    • Increase accounts receivable staff productivity
    • Easy, seamless integration with Sage Intacct

    YayPay Empowers Accounts Receivables teams

    • Reduce outstanding receivables and DSO by up to 50%
    • Streamline accounts receivables function with an intelligent CRM, workflow and automation.
    • Improve CFO reporting through smart cash flow prediction and A/R activity tracking
    • Reduce capital risk, revenue leakage and bad debt write-offs
    • Reduce operating and payment transaction costs, while increasing customer satisfaction

    Complete Visibility for CFOs

    YayPay offers unparalleled visibility in A/R processes for the CFO.
    The Dashboard offers the CFO a collections snapshot and deep insights into A/R health and payor trends.

    Predictive Workflow

    YayPay’s predictive tools direct A/R staff to the optimal workflow for collections.
    Smart automation begins with the payers credit risk assessment and historical payment behavior. YayPay delivers an intelligent A/R workflow to increase efficiency of A/R personnel.

    Automated Communication

    YayPay offers an automated communication workflow engine.
    Automated reminders allow clients to communicate with payers efficiently and in a timely manner.

    Single Point of Record

    YayPay is a single point of record for all payor information.
    YayPay integrates discrete payor information from client ERP/CRM and external data sources.

    Complete Communication History

    The YayPay platform allows users to capture and track communications, including relevant emails.
    Tracked communications make it easier for users to monitor and follow up on outstanding receivables.

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services

    Depended on revenue

    YayPay provides data-driven Accounts Receivable management software and an automation platform which helps finance teams collect more money faster, better communicate with customers, manage payment relationships, and forecast cash.
    YayPay is on a mission to make accounts receivables management more productive. Our vision is to empower finance teams to perform their most valuable work.

    Phone: (855) 592-9729
    Website: https://www.yaypay.com/
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