• ExpensePath

    Phone: (415) 878-6390
    Website: http://info.expensepath.com/intacct-integration/
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  • ExpensePath saves Finance significant time in managing expense reports and corporate cards.  In addition, we make things easier and more efficient for any employees who touch the process while reducing overall T&E spend.  We deliver enterprise-level features but provide the ease of use, direct support, and pricing desired by smaller organizations.  With our intuitive web & mobile experience, employees submit on time & in compliance with company rules and expectations.  Flexible to meet any process & accounting needs, our team quickly sets up free trials to ensure accurate account mapping & GL export to all Sage Intacct dimensions.

    Just a few of our specific features:  Policies that are customizable to groups of employees (i.e. meal allowance that varies by department or seniority); Company card management & reconciliation that makes it easy for cardholders to do their part and for Finance to reconcile to the monthly billing statement; Spend analysis reports by groups/departments, specific types of expenses, and/or dimensions; Documentation to fulfill audit requirements (a paperless “paper” trail); Export to Sage Intacct meeting customer needs including sending data as a bill to A/P, to the expense reporting module, or credit card account (or even a seamless combination of any of these).

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