• Nettime Solutions

    Phone: (480) 292-4000
    Website: http://www.nettimesolutions.com/
    Year Founded: 1996

  • In 1996, nettime solutions developed HourTrack, the first cloud-based software as-as-a-service time & attendance product on the market.  Considered revolutionary upon its release, HourTrack gave small and mid-sized businesses an inexpensive entry-level employee time tracking solution.  Almost from its inception, nettime solutions began to add advanced modules to the product that businesses could purchase as they grew.

    Our current product, stratustime, offers a low-cost, self-service features for employees to clock hour and ask for time off, while giving managers the ability to schedule shifts and analyze labor costs.  Meanwhile, our list of advanced modules continues to grow, and includes technological advances like biometrics, geofencing, and cost forecasting.
    Our mission is to empower business owner to increase efficiency, control labor costs, and provide data to inform strategic decisions.

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