• Budgeta

    Phone: (408) 582-4127
    Website: https://budgeta.com/
    Year Founded: 2014

  • Budgeta, the modern budgeting and forecasting solution empowering businesses to plan faster, smarter and more collaboratively, is transforming business planning and decision-making for executives and cross-functional corporate leadership as they imagine, plan and prioritize corporate trajectories and review and react to situational realities.

    Budgeta makes it easy to build, collaborate, and share accurate budgets and forecasts that are as easy to interpret as they are to create and maintain. Budgeta amazes users with insights that give them the complete financial trajectory for their businesses. With Budgeta, everyone has access to fresh, reliable data - making it easier to drill deeper, ask more, and share easily – all without the need for IT support, professional services or hiring additional dedicated analysts. 

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