• TntWare

    Phone: +1 (321) 244-1844
    Website: https://www.tntware.com/
    Year Founded: 2014

  • TntWare provides software to help with the fundraising activities within a nonprofit.  Our focus is on mission organizations where the fundraising is decentralized to field staff.
    You may have heard of TntConnect (formerly TntMPD).  This is the popular free CRM used by thousands of missionaries.  TntConnect works best when the missionary or fund developer doesn't have to manually enter donations from reports received form the organization.  Our other solution, DonorHub, integrates with Intacct so that this information flows almost in real-time.  We also support other popular support raising tools like MPDX, DonorElf and Karani.  DonorHub also provides your staff an Account Report, so they always know the balance and income/expense report for their project accounts.

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