• Zylo

    Phone: (317) 350-4466
    Website: http://zylo.com/blog/intacct-integration/
    Year Founded: 2016

  • Business software used by millions of users has undergone a revolution, from running within a controlled network to running in the cloud. It is easier than ever to purchase and use cloud based business applications. The result of this revolution is a lack of visibility for nearly every organization into the apps used by its employees and to subscription costs that are affecting their bottom line.

    Zylo is the first Software as a Service (SaaS) platform built to manage your Cloud applications. Zylo combines spend, utilization and user feedback to bring back the visibility, optimize what is in an organization’s Cloud stack and provide tools to effectively manage Cloud providers.

    1. MANAGE YOUR CLOUD PROVIDERS: Manage high volumes of renewals and Cloud vendor relationships with collaboration, important app details, and contracts all in one place.
    2. OPTIMIZE YOUR CLOUD INVESTMENTS: A central database provides powerful insights, alerts, and employee feedback at your fingertips to make better real time decisions to maintain control.
    3. INCREASE VISIBILITY: Zylo monitors app purchases across an entire organization finding new innovations, redundancies, and opportunities for efficiency.

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