• Employer Services Online LLC

    Phone: (484) 995-1955
    Website: http://www.employeemax.com/
    Year Founded: 2006

  • Since the 1970’s via legacy companies we have been designing & building payroll software and running payroll service bureaus. In 2006 we completed the payroll platform EMPLOYEEMAX.
    EMPLOYEEMAX: Fully-Integrated Online Payroll and HR Solution. Whether you’re a small startup or a major public company, you need simple, customizable solutions. Seamless conversion, complete integration, all-inclusive payroll tax reporting, specialized security, ease of use, and top-notch personal customer service from the same people who built the software. All for a flat monthly rate. No additional costs, no hardware, and no in-house upgrades or backups. Basically, it means no hassle.
    As your payroll and HR provider, we make things simple and seamless for you. That's why we give you a flat monthly rate for your customized software package with no hidden or additional fees. Ever. This includes conversion from your old system, integration with all aspects of your business, personalized security, comprehensive federal, state and local payroll tax preparation and filing, custom reports, unlimited job tracking capabilities, offsite storage and backup, and superior Internet-based software with access to your information from any computer or smart device, anywhere, 24/7. You will never receive a bill Year-End or Quarterly.

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