• Assignar

    Website: https://www.assignar.com/sage/
    Year Founded: 2014

    Assignar is a cloud based compliance, asset and workforce management platform for highly regulated industries. Developed from first hand experience and the need to solve the challenges within a fast growing construction service provider, Assignar rapidly gained interest from stakeholders in other highly regulated industries.

    Assignar delivers its customers increased efficiency, transparency and significant management cost savings.

    The core features of Assignar include:

    • Workforce & Asset scheduling
    • Project Planning
    • Compliance reminders & inspections
    • Full field mobility solution - iOS & Android
    • Ability to collect field data & timesheets
    • SMS & Email communication system
    When you implement Assignar in your business, you benefit from on-the-go visibility of your workforce and asset utilisation, data to increase speed in your decision making and the advantage of real-time monitoring of costs.

    The system can be tailored to create solutions as unique as your business. Contact us today and ask for a Free Demo and see the positive difference Assignar can make to your business.

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