• Swoop Funding

    Phone: 0203 514 3044
    Website: https://swoopfunding.com/uk/sage/?utm_source=sage&utm_medium=partnerships&utm_campaign=referral
    Year Founded: 2018

  • Swoop Funding is a funding and savings platform that matches businesses with their most relevant funding opportunities across grants, equity investment, alternative funding, traditional lenders, corporate funding, and business savings. 

    With Swoop's Intacct integration, Intacct users can link their accounting software to their Swoop account, allowing them to uncover more in-depth funding insights and unlock further funding opportunities.

    Within each businesses' dashboard, there is the ability to link your Sage Intacct account which unlocks our cashflow forecasting tool. 
    The following benefits are available to Sage Intacct customers who integrate their Swoop account with their Sage Intacct account. 
    • Customer benefit #1 - Cash flow forecasting capabilities are unlocked once the customer integrates their accountancy software in their Swoop dashboard. 
    • Customer Benefit #2 - Save time filling in funding applications - we auto-populate applications forms with key documentation e.g. P&L, balance sheet, aged debtors, aged creditors. Saves you time inputting or chasing an accountant for the information and gets you quicker answers from funders, so you can access funding quicker.
    • Customer benefit #3 - Helps give you more accurate matches as with richer data points, Swoop can more accurately predict and match you with the right funding product.
    • Customer benefit #4 - Get access to savings to reduce operating costs. With richer data access - Swoop can highlight savings across banking, deposit accounts, FX, insurance, and energy - to help you reduce overheads, add cash back in (deposits) or give you more affordability for larger funding amounts.
    • Customer benefit #5 - Integrate once for all future funding applications, Save time in the future for any future funding applications from one time application. Save time on repeat form filling, document upload, or reintegration.

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