• FieldFlo

    Phone: (888) 343-5335
    Website: https://www.fieldflo.com/
    Year Founded: 2016

  • We had a simple goal when we created FIELDFLO: to ease the pains for as many specialty subcontractor companies as possible. Our journey started somewhat selfishly because we ourselves were the subcontractors when we started looking for a better way to do business!

    FIELDFLŌ is a software application designed specifically for Specialty Sub-Contractors in the Construction Industries to manage field operations and automate workflows. The software helps to streamline communication between field workers, office staff, and clients, by providing real-time access to project information and enabling field workers to complete tasks using a mobile device.

    FIELDFLŌ enables contractors to manage their projects more efficiently by automating various processes, including timekeeping, scheduling, reporting, and inventory management, and more. The software provides a centralized platform for tracking job progress, documenting work, and sharing information with stakeholders. It also allows field workers to access blueprints, documents, and other project information from their mobile devices, ensuring that everyone is working from the same set of data.

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