• Merlynn Intelligence Corporation

    Phone: info@merlynn-ai.com
    Website: https://www.merlynn-ai.com/
    Year Founded: 2015

  • Merlynn is a leading Decision Intelligence technology company focused on democratizing access to human expertise. Our vision is to enable anyone, anywhere, to access, in real-time, the opinion, advice, knowledge or know-how of a subject matter expert to enable organizations and individuals to manage risk more effectively.

    Expertise becomes critical in areas of risk and uncertainty.  Currently, the barrier to accessing expertise is a human capacity constraint - a human can only process a finite number of issues in a day. Expertise has become a rare and expensive resource. We’ve eliminated these obstacles through our technology suite, which enables human experts to create their Decisioning Digital Twins.  These Decisioning Digital Twins have unlimited processing capacity - this means organizations can access expert advice from around the globe, 24,/7 at an affordable rate.  Our proprietary Tacit Object Modeler, TOMTM  technology is used to create the experts’ Decisioning Digital Twin.  

    Decisioning Digital Twins

    Decisioning Digital Twins are AI replicas of a human expert’s decision-making. The Digital Twin, created by an expert, returns the same response as the human expert would - in real-time, with no processing capacity limitations. 

    AI Employment Agency (AIEA)

    Access to the Decisoning Digital Twins of experts outside of an organization happens via Merlynn’s AI Employment Agency (AIEA) platform.
    Via the AI Employment Agency, experts upload their Digital Twins and sell their expertise to organizations looking to employ or deploy these skills, either B2B or C2B basis within existing systems. On the AIEA platform organizations can view the profile of the human expert who created the Digital Twin. They can then download Digital Twins from anywhere in the world to be integrated into their existing ERP systems. 

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