• Gaviti

    Website: https://gaviti.com/
    Year Founded: 2018

  • aviti's A/R Management Platform empowers businesses with:

    1. A/R Management: Streamline and automate your entire accounts receivable process for increased efficiency and accuracy.

    2. Collections Analytics: Gain valuable insights through our intuitive KPI dashboard, optimizing your collections strategy for better results.

    3. Customer Self-Service Portal: Enhance customer experience by providing a user-friendly portal for self-service, fostering stronger client relationships.

    4. Cash Application: Seamlessly apply cash to outstanding invoices, reducing manual efforts and ensuring accurate financial records.

    5. Credit Application: Efficiently manage credit applications, making informed decisions to foster responsible credit relationships.

    6. Dispute Management: Resolve issues swiftly with our dispute management tools, ensuring transparent communication and quick resolution.

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