• FinQuery Software Management

    Phone: (800) 880-7270
    Website: https://finquery.com/saas-management-software/
    Year Founded: 2020

  • FinQuery Software Management provides full visibility into software usage and spend at your organization enabling you to make data-driven decisions to manage your SaaS stack and optimize your costs.

    FinQuery Software Management automatically detects your organization’s software applications eliminating shadow IT and mitigating software sprawl. With direct integrations, as well as browser extensions and plug-ins, FinQuery works with the tools you already have to provide full transparency into the softwares used at your organization. It provides macro insights such as what software is being accessed, how much you are paying, and which teams are paying for which software. It also provides granular data such as who has access to a software to simplify access management and compliance, and how individuals use certain softwares for insights on the number and types of licenses needed.  

    Beyond the cost savings you get from discovering overlapping and underutilized apps; FinQuery Software Management’s centralized dashboard and contract repository provide a software source of truth for your organization. In addition, FinQuery saves you time and improves productivity with an easy-to-use software catalog for employees, alerts for newly discovered software and upcoming renewal dates, automated employee onboarding and offboarding, and more!

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