• MainStem

    Phone: (844) 623-4084
    Website: https://www.mainstem.io/platform/purchase-pro
    Year Founded: 2014

  • MainStem is the transformational business obsessed with simplifying and redefining the supply chain for the cannabis industry.

    MainStem's mission is to solve and simplify the supply issues for the cannabis industry. We are spearheading the cannabis #MaturityMovement, helping clients uncover unnecessary spend and tech debt. Through our advanced supply chain solutions, we are giving cannabis operators the tools to mature their business practices and grow their operations to the next level in a user friendly, easy-to-use fashion.

    MainStem started in 2014 as a B2B supplier for cannabis growers and retailers, and has evolved into a fully integrated purchasing ecosystem connecting buyers and suppliers through the MainStem SaaS platform, Purchase Pro, sitting atop our Marketplace.

    Today, the MainStem Platform provides access to over 12,000 products from over 485 brands. MainStem enables companies to find the best price on supplies while also simplifying their fragmented finance and operations technology ecosystem. With almost a decade of experience in the cannabis industry, MainStem is dedicated to helping cannabis companies grow with robust technology and by partnering closely with cannabis growers, manufacturers and dispensaries in over 150 locations and 24 states.

    Serving as a conduit between supply chain management and accounting systems, MainStem facilitates the flow of data across all business applications, streamlining procurement processes. Purchase Pro, our SaaS purchasing solution, links procurement with finance through sync integration allowing the automation and standardization of entry, approval and payment workflows. MainStem provides business owners with a single system of recorder all purchasing data, allowing them the visibility needed to run an efficient and scalable business.

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