• Paystand

    Phone: (310) 529-4043
    Website: https://www.paystand.com/integrations/sage-intacct
    Year Founded: 2013

  • Enterprise payments are more than just transactions. With Paystand, you can finally digitize your receivables and move your manual financial processes to the cloud.¬†

    • Speed up time-to-cash and decrease DSO by 60% or more
    • Reduce fraud and chargebacks with real-time fund verification
    • Improve customer experience with seamless, easy payment options
    • Automate 85% accounting process
    • Drastically reduce if not eliminate transaction fees
    • Equates to 30-50% reduction in overall cost to receive your revenue
    • Open up a budget for ERP license¬†
    • Subscription based and does not increase as revenue increases. Forecast and budget AR costs accurately.

    This is payments re-imagined for today's B2B landscape.

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