• KnowLedger LLC

    Phone: (610) 553-5049
    Website: https://knowledgerllc.com/sage-intacct-integration/
    Year Founded: 2020

  • KnowLedger is a general ledger integration tool that moves data from multiple sources to Sage Intacct with a rules-based management approach that ensures accuracy, completeness, and data confidence. We work closely with you to establish mappings and data flow, then oversee the journal entries into Sage Intacct. Pulling from a long list of possible portfolio accounting systems (including Addepar, APX, Advent, Black Diamond, and more) and custodians (including Northern Trust, JP Morgan Schwab, Fidelity, and more), KnowLedger not only moves data but applies rules-based intelligence which saves time and provides a much richer data set in Sage Intacct.

    • Creation of debit/credit journal entries
    • Creating multiple journal entries for a single-parent entry
    • Journal entries across all partners
    We use our API to post journal entries into Sage Intacct. They can be in draft mode to review. We maintain and run the process for you. Pricing is determined by the number of accounts and the number of alternative holdings Market value and frequency of updating do not impact pricing.

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