• Leaf Trade

    Phone: (973) 332-2497
    Website: http://www.leaftrade.com
    Year Founded: 2016

  • Founded in 2016, Leaf Trade is a technology company whose platform facilitates ordering and fulfillment in highly regulated cannabis and hemp markets. Using the features on Leaf Trade’s platform, vendors can streamline all order fulfillment processes, increase sales through custom storefronts, and generate powerful reports and analytics. Dispensaries can leverage Leaf Trade’s tools to discover trending products through its data-driven shopping process, easily request samples and marketing materials, and manage orders from their customers from start to finish. Headquartered in Chicago, Leaf Trade is partnered with five of the largest multi-state cannabis operators and itself operates in 16 states. To learn more about Leaf Trade, visit leaf.trade or follow @leaf_trade on Twitter, @leaftrade on Instagram & Linkedin. 

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