• Vic.ai

    Website: https://www.vic.ai/products/integrations
    Year Founded: 2016

  • Vic.ai is pioneering the use of autonomy and intelligence to digitally transform accounting and finance processes to improve productivity, decision-making, and ROI. Vic.ai addresses the most manual and inefficient task in accounting – invoice processing – to improve its speed and scalability, and ultimately enable customers to reinvent their accounts payable operations and improve financial management.

    Accounting tasks have always been managed using legacy systems that are based on predefined, fragile rules and templates. It’s mundane, inefficient, and error-prone work. Vic.ai throws the need for rules and templates out the window.

    Accounting tasks work autonomously with the Vic.ai platform to minimize the human input and interpretation that legacy, rules-based systems require. Vic.ai’s accounts payable solution uses advanced AI, which gets smarter the more invoices it ingests, and autonomous workflows to automatically process error-free invoices, allowing the team to focus on more important matters than manual data entry.

    Vic.ai works with finance professionals to give them the tools they need to make everyday operations simpler and more intelligent. From processing invoices to data predictions, the Vic.ai intelligent and autonomous solution gives companies the bandwidth needed to complete higher value tasks often pushed aside in the day-to-day. By processing more than half a billion invoices with up to 99% accuracy, Vic.ai has helped 10,000+ customers achieve nearly $188 million in cost savings and 6 million hours in time savings.

    Vic.ai is backed by the best VC’s in the world, including Iconic Growth, GGV Capital, Cowboy Ventures and Costanoa Ventures. Vic.ai is jointly headquartered in New York City and Oslo, Norway. For more information, please visit http://www.vic.ai.

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