• Gabriel Software

    Phone: (339) 330-8400
    Website: https://gabrielsoft.com
    Year Founded: 1999

  • Our mission is simple: To serve the Church
    Originally developed in 1999 as a software package for a single Catholic church in Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts, Gabriel now helps parishes around the world and dioceses across the country manage member engagement, communications, enterprise reporting and fundraising.

    It’s our Church too.
    At Gabriel, we’re committed to providing software and services that enable the Church to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We believe that administration should never take up time that can be devoted to ministry. That is why we are continually refining and updating Gabriel to ensure that it’s easy and intuitive to use.
    From answering your questions to incorporating your feedback, you’ll find our passion and value is unmatched in everything we do.

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