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    Website: http://www.procurementpartners.com/
    Year Founded: 2010

  • Discover Streamlined Procurement.  

    Looking for an intuitive procurement solution that seamlessly integrates into your healthcare organization's operations? Look no further. Procurement, brought to you by Procurement Partners, is the innovative spend management and e-procurement platform tailored exclusively for healthcare organizations. Our product is designed with the healthcare needs in mind, providing in-depth insights into your spend to empower you to make informed decisions. 

    Key Features: 

    Elevate Efficiency with User Profiles 

    • We understand the importance of personalized workflows. Our user profiles allow you to customize preferences, ensuring a seamless and efficient procurement process tailored to each team member's needs. 
    Hosted Purchasing for Hassle-Free Transactions 
    • Simplify your purchasing journey with Procurement's hosted purchasing feature. Securely browse, select, and procure the supplies you need, all within a single, user-friendly platform. 

    Punch Out Purchasing for Comprehensive Options 

    • Need a broader range of suppliers? Procurement’s punch-out purchasing capability grants you access to your extensive network of vendors, expanding your options and driving cost-effective decisions. All while monitoring your spend within the easy-to-use portal.  

    Real-Time Order Tracking 

    • Stay on top of your orders with real-time tracking. Our solution lets you monitor your procurement process at every step, ensuring transparency, accountability, and compliance. 

    Effortless Invoice Reconciliation 

    • Say goodbye to manual reconciliation headaches. Procurement automates invoice matching, saving you time and reducing errors in the process.  

    Data-Driven Reporting Dashboard 

    • Make strategic decisions backed by insights. Procurement’s reporting dashboard provides actionable data on your procurement activities, enabling you to optimize your operations effectively, and fully view where your spend is flowing. 

    Stay Ahead with Payment Due Date Tracking 

    • Never miss a payment deadline again. The payment due date tracking feature ensures timely settlements, fostering healthy vendor relationships. 

    Your data is secure with us.  

    • We are SOC2 compliant, HITRUST certified, and HIPAA compliant.  

    We integrate with everyone.  

    • As a vendor-agnostic platform, you get to keep all your vendors and your contracted pricing. Place all your vendors in our portal via EDI connection or Punch-Out, allowing you to seamlessly integrate with your pre-existing preferred vendors, suppliers, and GPOs. 


    Empower your healthcare organization with Procurement, and experience an innovative, supportive, and transparent approach to procurement that embraces efficiency. Procurement Partners is your ally in achieving seamless procurement processes. 

    Eliminate repetitive, manual buying with access to all the supplies and vendors you need in one place at the best price. Automate your purchasing decisions with a full view of your entire vendor ecosystem and order approvals with simplified reporting and contract management features that ensure you get the best rates from your vendors & GPOs.

    With the Sage Intacct integration, Procurement Partners provides a seamless process for an organization to review, approve and pay invoices while eliminating paper and manual processes. 

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