• Blissfully

    Website: https://www.blissfully.com
    Year Founded: 2016

  • This rise of SaaS has distributed IT management across the entire organization, creating an overall lack of visibility. While extensive toolsets exist to manage the traditional IT stack (things like networking, infrastructure, and hardware), no equivalent existed for the IT business operations (SaaS) stack.

    That’s why we created Blissfully: to be a real-time source of truth, giving teams visibility into their entire app ecosystem. We aim to simplify and humanize IT operations so companies can focus on what they do best.

    The Modern IT Operating System

    When building their last startup, our founders experienced the pain points of SaaS management first-hand. They were frustrated by the lack of tools to track SaaS spending, security, and business operations workflows. Spreadsheets and ad-hoc processes weren’t cutting it.

    Doing SaaS management right requires a new way of working: A Complete, Collaborative IT Operating System. SaaS touches everyone, including employees, team leaders, HR, IT/security teams, and finance. Why shouldn’t these stakeholders have the visibility they need, with simple workflows to make life easier?

    Blissfully integrates with Sage Intacct to pull spending data to help manage and optimize vendors

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