• Siftery Inc

    Website: https://track.siftery.com/partnerships-and-integrations/intacct
    Year Founded: 2015

  • We created Siftery to help businesses better discover, buy and use software.
    And we launched Track to change how companies manage their SaaS.

    Siftery Track makes it magically easy to help businesses visualize and optimize their software expenditures. Track helps companies tackle this new world of SaaS confidently and enable procurement decision-making to be more decentralized or responsive while maintaining oversight and budgetary discipline.
    The way it works is quite simple: you connect an accounting system (like Intacct) or other financial account and our app automatically maps the transactions to one of the over 40,000 software products that we have in our database. A couple of minutes after an initial sync, you’ll see visualizations of historical and forecasted spend by product, category, or team. 

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