• SailPoint SaaS Management

    Phone: (646) 402-6943
    Website: https://www.sailpoint.com/saas-management
    Year Founded: 2005

  • Shine a light on Shadow IT and SaaS access risk.

    SailPoint SaaS Management expands your visibility so you can uncover and mitigate hidden access and identity risks due to shadow IT and over-provisioned accounts. Bring all SaaS apps under centralized management and governance to avoid toxic access combinations and security risks. 

    • Visibility: Gain a complete view of your entire SaaS footprint including any hidden apps and access  

    • Control: Start managing with a seamless process from discovery to governance, ensuring every app is protected with the right identity security controls 

    • Security & Compliance: Strengthen your security and compliance stance with end-to-end identity and access strategy 

      SaaS Management is just one of the many products offered within the SailPoint Identity Security platform. You can learn more about SailPoint's offerings at www.sailpoint.com.

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