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    Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Equipment Rental

  • AscentERP was built from the start not only to support a flexible, sustainable, and extensible mentality, but also to support the warehouse and production floor. AscentERP was built from scratch to take advantage of the Force.com multi-tenant Cloud and to support the most complex and simple business process. AscentERP did not start as something else; we were not an accounting system that was trying to become something it was not. We did not take an existing on-premise application and convert it to the Cloud. Ascent was built for the multi-tenant Cloud as a true warehouse and manufacturing product. This is a key differentiator between the competition and us.

    Key Benefits:
     Why Partner
    AscentERP is a leading cloud based ERP system supporting B 2 B, B 2 C, Assemble to Order and companies that Rent.  Our client base is global.  We have a deep understanding of many different industries.
    Typical Prospect
    The ideal size customer is the same as Intacct.  If the prospect or customer needs the robust nature of Intacct, they can utilize AscentERP.  Our customer size is very similar.
    High level reasons to call AscentERP:
    In B2C environments, we have created connections to some of the largest shopping carts in the business: Magento and Shopify.  If prospects are using those shopping carts, we have the solution.
    In B2B environments, we have a simple but very robust trade agreement feature keeping all the various price contracts per customer and supplier in a manageable format.
    With Assemble to Order, if the customer relies on serial number or lot control, AscentERP is a great choice.  

    System Requirements:
    Intacct Web Services; Intacct Platform User

    yearly subscription

    Founded in 2006 on a mission to streamline manufacturing, distribution, and sales, AscentERP delivers a totally integrated inventory control manufacturing solution on the Salesforce platform. We provide a turnkey ERP & MRP Cloud-based solution without the need for on premise software.

    Phone: (908) 981-0150
    Website: http://www.ascenterp.com/page/accounting-integration
    Year Founded: 2006
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