• dMAX Invoice Accelerator

    The dMAX Invoice Accelerator is a complete solution for accounts payable automation with Intacct.

  • The dMAX Invoice Accelerator helps small and large organizations to automate the scanning, indexing, approval and entry of vendor invoices. Going paperless and increasing processing efficiency are easy to achieve with the dMAX platform.

    Key Benefits:

    • Get rid of inefficient paper-based business processes
    • Save on document shipping charges from remote offices
    • Electronic documents allow AP resources to work from anywhere
    • Automatic Document Recognition saves AP resource key strokes and reduces data entry errors
    • Dynamic integration with Intacct allows you to instantly flag duplicates and ensure transactions are correctly linked
    • Fast processing = faster payment = possible discounts or early pay benefits
    • Tracking and tracing history logs make it easy to see where an invoice is at any time
    • Code invoices across multiple organizations or locations without having to login/logout of Intacct instance
    • Divide invoices into work queues for large AP organizations (Liquor, Food, Regional, Supplies, etc)
    • Flag transactions for end of year 'use tax' processing
    • Easy/efficient audits, easy to recall one or thousands of documents matching certain criterias

    Key Features:

    • Scan/Add Invoices from Multi-Function Copiers, Scanners, Emails or Electronic Files
    • Rearrange/Add/Delete/Annotate Pages
    • Automatically recognize vendor invoices and extract invoice information
    • Type-Ahead and Lookup fields use your Intacct data to make indexing fast and easy
    • Auto-coding or Intelligent-coding based on location and/or vendor
    • GL Coding based on Intacct data and coding rules for locations
    • Rule-based or manual routed invoice approvals via desktop or mobile devices
    • Invoice transactions automatically uploaded to appropriate Intacct instances
    • All supporting documents/PDF's added to Intacct transaction for future recall/audits

    System Requirements:
    Intacct Web Services Cloud-based solution requires a Microsoft-based PC for thick-client application, any type of PC and web-browser for web processing, or any type of email-enabled mobile device for mobile approvals.

    Based on user and invoice volume


    Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Highland Martin has provided the highest quality document automation solutions since 2006. With the main mission of reducing reliance on paper and making business processes more efficient, the dMAX Invoice Accelerator was the first module, specifically to automate the Accounts Payable process. As the need for automation grew to other departments, the dMAX Document Accelerator grew to help automate processes in AR, Payroll, HR, Legal and any department across the enterprise. 

    Phone: (404) 931-9026
    Website: http://www.highlandmartin.com
    Year Founded: 2006
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