• Abacus Real Time Expense Reporting

    Automatically reimburse your team, reconcile corporate cards, and implement your expense policy

  • Abacus is a real time expense reporting solution that uses data analysis to automate expense creation and approvals.

    The platform pulls in data from multiple sources for more accurate expense drafting to ensure reliable automation and insights. Expense policy rules are applied before expenses are submitted to prevent violations and warn employees of errors. Customizable routing rules then send each expense to the best suited approver before it is reimbursed and synced to your accounting software. Every expense tells it’s own part of your company’s story and Abacus can help you create in-depth reports to identify trends and manage budgets.

    Key Benefits:

    Sync approved expenses directly into Sage Intacct
    The direct integration with Intacct powers your expense workflow with industry-leading automation, from beginning to end, keeping your expense data consistent across platforms.

    Better data from the start
    Drafts expenses for employees using multiple data sources to ensure timely, accurate submission.

    Automate your expense policy and approval hierarchy
    Applies your policy rules to expenses as they are created to prevent violations. Expenses are automatically routed to the best suited approver.

    Real Time View Into Corporate Card Spend
    Manage all of your corporate cards from a single dashboard within Abacus to increase to speed up month-end reconciliation and have a continuous view into spend. 

    Get reporting and insights that help you take action
    Each expense tells its own part of your company’s story. Combined, they can help you identify trends and manage budgets.

    Team’s using Abacus approved 83% of expenses without needing to edit any information,

    and denied less than half of a percent of those submitted.


    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services, Internet access

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    Emburse is a global leader in expense management and AP automation solutions, which is trusted by more than 4.5 million users in more than 120 countries. Over 14,000 customers rely on Emburse to eliminate manual processes, make faster, smarter decisions, and help make users’ lives - and their businesses - better. 

    Emburse Abacus, the #1 expense reporting software for high-growth companies listed on G2, is the only truly real-time expense reporting solution on the market. It is the easiest way for a company to reimburse its teams, implement their expense policy, and reconcile corporate credit cards throughout the month. More than 1,000 customers use Abacus, including GLG, Coinbase, and Betterment. For more information about Abacus’ solutions, please visit emburse.com/abacus.

    Phone: (646) 452-4550
    Website: https://www.abacus.com/expense-reporting-for-intacct
    Year Founded: 2013
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