• SaaS Intelligence

    See the Metrics that Drive CMRR Growth for SaaS and Subscription Businesses

  • Gain unparalleled insights into your most important software and subscription metrics with Baker Tilly Digital's SaaS Intelligence. At a glance, you'll see the key performance indicators, bookings activity, and customer unit economics that expose the levers you can adjust to drive predictable growth.

    SaaS Intelligence was developed based on our extensive experience working with numerous, sophisticated SaaS companies all struggling to achieve the same objective: access to real-time SaaS metrics.​​​​​​​

    Key Benefits:

    Learn more about SaaS Intelligence.

    Automatic CMRR Categorization

    •  SaaS Intelligence interprets transactions in real-time as they post, analyzes the activity, and then automatically categorizes the CMRR into the appropriate bucket. The application does not rely on any user-driven category inputs to make decisions about the type of transactional activity that has occurred – it does it all for you. Easily configure your categorizations for additional flexibility.

      Unrivaled CMRR Analysis

      • SaaS Intelligence completely automates the tracking and bucketizing of crucial SaaS metrics at a level of granularity that goes undetected and unmeasured by many other comparable systems.
      • To give you the most insightful analytics around your SaaS metrics, SaaS Intelligence automatically tracks a multitude of CMRR categories all the way down to the individual Customer and Item (Product) level, including:


        The increase in CMRR from new customers.


        The increase in CMRR from customers who have previously churned and returned.

        Acquired (via M&A)

        The increase in CMRR as a result of the acquisition of another legal entity's existing CMRR balances.


        The increase in CMRR on an existing customer from the sale of additional subscription products or an increase in quantity of existing subscriptions (ex: user count).

        Uplift (↑ Renewal Price)

        The increase in CMRR on an existing customer from an increase in price (or the reduction of discount) on an existing subscription at time of renewal.


        The decrease in CMRR on an existing customer from the debooking of existing subscription product or an decreased in quantity of existing subscriptions (ex: user count).

        Markdown (↓ Renewal Price)

        The decrease in CMRR on an existing customer from a decrease in price (or an increase of discount) on an existing subscription at time of renewal.


        The decrease (loss) of CMRR from churned customers.


        The decrease (loss) of CMRR from cancelled customers (i.e. those customers that never fully adopted/onboarded).


        The decrease (loss) of CMRR from debooking of existing subscription (i.e. item-level cancellation during an active subscription period).

        Pending Renewal

        The amount of CMRR up for renewal (available to be renewed) in a given month.


        The amount of existing CMRR renewed in a given month.

        Foreign Exchange

        The change (increase or decrease) in CMRR on renewals of foreign currency transactions due to exchange rate fluctuations from originating booking to renewal.

        Currency Change Uplift

        The increase in CMRR on foreign transactions due to the combined effect of a change in transactional currency (i.e. prior contract was GBP, and renewal contract is EUR) and derived foreign currency fluctuations.

        Currency Change Markdown

        The decrease in CMRR on foreign transactions due to the combined effect of a change in transactional currency (i.e. prior contract was GBP, and renewal contract is EUR) and derived foreign currency fluctuations.

      Unmatched Granularity of Expansion & Contraction Behaviors

      • With SaaS Intelligence, you can analyze Expansion and Contraction at a more granular level than ever before. Empower your management teams with actionable insights into what’s actually happening with the business, so they know where and how to react.

        For example, while other applications may track general “Contraction”, they lack visibility into the underlying causes of revenue retention issues. SaaS Intelligence exposes the distinction between Downgrades and Markdowns to illuminate product-related attrition issues versus sales price reductions and discounting behaviors. Both of these will result in Contraction, but knowing exactly what’s happening on which Products for which Customers enables more effective action planning.

        SaaS Intelligence even goes as far as isolating Foreign Exchange impact on the CMRR of multi-currency contracts. For example, where there are CMRR gains attributed to Foreign Exchange rates changing from the time of contract inception to renewal, SaaS Intelligence actually shows you how Foreign Exchange fluctuations is hurting or helping your CMRR growth.

      SaaS KPIs? You get them all!

      • Our application enables real-time visibility into all the standard, SaaS finance metrics you expect like Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue [CMRR], Customer Acquisition Cost [CAC], Revenue and Logo Churn, Customer Lifetime Value [CLTV], Cash, and more importantly, the ones that you didn’t!
      • We cover the full gamut of SaaS Metrics that enable you and your leaders to understand the health and trajectory of the business.

        Total CMRR
        Total ARR
        Total Bookings
        CMRR per Customer
        Average New Deal CMRR
        Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
        Payback in Months
        Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)
        LTV:CAC Ratio
        Customer Retention Rate
        Customer Renewal Rate
        Customer Churn (% up for renewal)
        Total Customer Churn (% of total)
        Gross Dollar Retention Rate
        Net Dollar Retention Rate
        Gross CMRR Churn
        Net CMRR Churn
        Gross CMRR Renewal Rate
        SaaS Quick Ratio
        Gross Burn Rate
        Net Burn Rate
        Runway (Months)
        Total Billings
        Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

      Fully Integrated With Sage Intacct

      • SaaS Intelligence is built on Sage Intacct and leverages its innovative general ledger to add analytical depth to your SaaS metrics using your Sage Intacct dimensions, enabling business leaders to slice and dice data by key business perspectives such as product and customer. Postings include important data such as Entity, Customer, and Item for advanced cohort analysis reporting.

        SaaS Intelligence tracks your metrics across both the Sage Intacct Contracts and Order Entry Subledgers simultaneously. So, it's no problem if you have transactions flowing through the Intacct Contracts module, as well as through Order Entry from an external billing system or ecommerce site. SaaS Intelligence views subscription details across modules, interweaving and interpreting the data to give you the full picture.

        • Automatically links SaaS entries to the transactions that created them for easy drill-down research and audit-ability of the results.
        • Leverage native Intacct reporting features generate your own custom KPIs, Performance Cards, Reports, and Graphs
        • Build your own dashboards and reports to integrate key financial reporting with the SaaS metrics delivered by SaaS Intelligence
        • Direct access to your ERP system of record for live financial and statistical information provides real-time data for variety of vital metrics including customer acquisition costs, gross margins, cash burn, etc.
        • Have confidence in the reliability of your metrics to share with your other Executives and Investors alike
      Utmost Control Over Churn and Cancellations
      • Churn is an incredibly important and highly visible metric that drives a lot of your activities, so it's important to get it right. The last thing you want to do is inflate Churn and have the business in a frenzy. At times, customers can be delayed in renewing, so SaaS Intelligence does not immediately move CMRR to Churn at the end of a subscription. Instead, we make the late renewal status of customers apparent to your business by tracking past-due renewals in “Pending Renewal CMRR,” allowing you to keep a pulse on potential churn, but without forcing that decision prematurely. In this way, the business can appropriately and proactively address late renewals or customer churn risks.

        And it if the customer is ultimately lost, the system allows for custom categorization via Churn Reasons (e.g. Customer Satisfaction, Acquired, Bankruptcy, etc.), which can be segregated into Avoidable or Unavoidable Churn for enhanced analysis. Not every churn event is the same, and certainly shouldn’t be treated as such!

        And what of those customers that failed to launch and were never revenue generating? Don’t fret, SaaS Intelligence enables you to Cancel (not Churn) those customers to more clearly distinguish and segregate those customers lost which were never fully onboarded in the first place. You get to decide how that type of customer situation is treated.

      CMRR Available to Renew Forecast

      • SaaS Intelligence tracks the renewal timing of existing CMRR value to provide a clear picture of the future. Accurately forecast renewals of recurring revenue to provide greater predictability and achieve alignment with your Customer Success/Renewals team.

      Contact us to get started: digitalmarketplace@bakertilly.com

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      Platform Services

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