A comprehensive Risk, Audit and Compliance Testing System.

  • TRACe is a web based tool for auditors, inspectors and regulators. By using TRACe, auditors automatically comply with ISO’s standard Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology. TRACe is designed to be flexible enough for auditors to define, plan and execute audits in different domains. TRACe facilitates control compliance testing and auditing to regulatory standards such as SOX, HIPAA, FDA, SB1386, SAS70, ISO 2700 among others. TRACe has an integrated document management and workflow at each phase of an audit. Supporting evidence, publications and guidelines can be attached to an audit. TRACe framework addresses the vertical segment of auditors – Practicing auditors, consultants, corporate and government agencies and institutions.

    Key Benefits:

    • Ability to trace back issues to associated functions
    • Proactively prevent or detect errors and correct before damage is done
    • Ability to attach  supporting documents
    Risk Register: captures actionable items with access to historical risk assessments
    • Integrated workflow and document management
    • Web/Standards based
    • Role based access
    • Critical Content Encryption
    • Adaptable, cost effective
    • Business Analytics

    System Requirements:
    Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or above. Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or above with Latest Service Pack.
    Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 or Above Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
    AJAX 2.0 Microsoft Office 2007 Windows Vista Microsoft Windows


    MultiMedia Computer Systems (MMCS) is a leading solution provider based in Bangalore, India. The company is committed to the creation of solutions that enable the scanning, storing, archival and retrieval of documents, as well as the effortless sharing of documents between multiple workgroups. 

    Offering technologies that are ideally suited to document-centric business environments, MMCS builds solutions that combine best-of-breed security with forms-based architecture for automated work processes.

    Over the years MMCS has developed products and solutions in the areas of:
    Banking and Finance
    Document Management and Workflow
    Electronic Governance

    Phone: +91-80-23498089/+91-80-23492185
    Website: http://www.traceaudit.com/about-us.html
    Year Founded: 1992
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