• BizInsight 7 for Sage Intacct

    Self-Service Reporting and Analytics

  • BizInsight 7 is a self-service reporting and analytics solution that is designed to enable real-time, secured access to your Sage Intacct and Microsoft Excel data sources. BizInsight 7 solves the universal problem of building reports by making it easy for analysts and business users to create, aggregate, analyze and share their reports all within Microsoft Excel.

    Key Benefits:

    Financial Analyst
    Pre-integrated into your Sage Intacct data, BizInsight 7 makes reporting in Microsoft Excel fun. With drag-and-drop features, built-in functions and ready-to-use analysis sets BizInsight 7 for Sage Intacct takes real-time reporting from days to minutes.

    • Real-time data connections from Sage Intacct
    • Explore and analyze your data
    • Uncover hidden trends and drill down into your statistics
    • Automatic report refresh for the most up-to-date data
    Business Users
    Designed for all Excel business users, BizInsight 7 turns static workbooks into interactive workbooks. With the built-in, user-friendly interface users can connect to any Excel data source, automate routine Excel tasks, build interactive reports and answer many of their own questions.
    • Build reports in minutes
    • Uncover insights to make informed business decisions
    • Discover trends and opportunities within your business data¬†

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services; Sage Intacct 2016 Release 2+, Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit OS required), Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, or 2016 (32-bit),2.0 Ghz Intel/AMD Dual-core processor or better, GB RAM, 2 GB free HDD space, Net Framework 4.0


    A market leader in self-service reporting and analytics, BizNet Software, Inc. leverages the power of Microsoft Excel to facilitate the creation and sharing of fully interactive reports in minutes. Solving the universal problem of creating and generating reports, BizNet Software offers BizInsight 7 for Intacct. BizInsight 7 is a game changer in managing and analyzing your data. Delivered in the user-friendly environment of Microsoft Excel, BizInsight 7 works with any Intacct or Excel data sources and includes intuitive built-in features that allow users to create fully interactive reports, drill down into the numbers behind the data and answer many of their own questions.

    Phone: (972) 893-0000
    Website: https://www.biznetsoftware.com/intacct/
    Year Founded: 1996
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