• Merlynn Decisioning Digital Twins.

    AI enabled Fraud Review Panel - Prevent collusion & minimize payment threshold loopholes.

  • Digital Fraud Review Panel - Prevent collusion & minimize payment threshold loopholes. The Digital Twins of fraud experts work within Sage Procurement & Payments Systems to detect and prevent fraud and collusion in real time. Merlynn Digital Twins are trained by their human counterparts to mimic key risk based decisions. It is widely accepted that a future workforce must include deeper collaboration between humans and AI. Your Digital Twin removes the limitation around access to your time and attention in processes where your input or decision is needed.

    Key Benefits:

    Digital Fraud Review Panel - Prevent collusion & minimize payment threshold loopholes 

    • Stop illicit payments
    • Prevent collusion
    • Support organizational compliance

    Digital Fraud Review Panel - Sage Procure-to-Pay process

    Challenges with existing control protocol

    Collusion: Payment Authorization processes require approval  - generally from management.

    • This control fails when the approver is acting fraudulently or in collusion with fraudsters.

    Threshold Loopholes: Due to capacity constraints only larger values (above defined value thresholds) receive the attention of more than one approver.

    • This leaves gaps or below threshold loopholes which fraudsters exploit



    A Digital Fraud Review Panel 

    An additional layer of fraud detection rigor is introduced. This layer comprises a panel of AI based Digital Twins trained by human risk experts.  All transactions (regardless of value) are scrutinized by the panel in real-time. Suspicious behavior is flagged and the payment blocked. 

    How it works 

    • A new invoice is created or an existing invoice is edited. 
    • Each expert’s Digital Twin independently reviews every transaction or transaction change in real-time. 
    • A “flag” from a Digital Twin stops the process before the payment is made and escalates that transaction to the risk team . 
    • Decision transparency - the rationale for the “flagged transaction” is documented to support the risk teams investigation.

    Proactive detection prevents the loss before it occurs, as opposed to routine audits which are conducted retrospectively on only a sample of transactions. 



    Fraud detection & prevention 

    Prevent Collusion:

    • Regular approvers cannot interact with or influence the independent Digital Fraud Review Panel. 
    • The Panel’s Digital Twins monitor all transactions behind the scenes, providing forensic expert input outside of existing approvers. 
    • When inappropriate behavior occurs, it is flagged in real-time and escalated to a higher authority (more senior than regular approvers) for additional scrutiny.
    • Suspected fraud flag appears in addition to any other flag or as a stand-alone if there is no other flag on the transaction.


    Eliminate Threshold Loopholes

    • Due to human capacity constraints, only payments above certain values require approval.
    • This creates a loophole in the system, allowing fraudsters to keep transactions “under the radar”. 
    • Digital Fraud Review Panels have unlimited processing capacity and operate 24/7, 365.
    • Any transaction value can be digitally assessed by the panel, eliminating the threshold gap.

    Integration with Sage Intacct benefits:

    • Enhanced payment fraud detection capabilities. 
    • Prevent collusion and eliminate threshold loopholes. 
    • Cost-effective, real-time access to internal and external fraud experts.
    • Pro-active surveillance - detect payment fraud before the money leaves the organization.
    • Simple integration.

    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License;
    Sage Intacct Platform Services

    Consumption-based pricing model

    Integration Approved Countries:
    South Africa; United States; South Africa;


    Merlynn is a leading Decision Intelligence technology company focused on democratizing access to human expertise. Our vision is to enable anyone, anywhere, to access, in real-time, the opinion, advice, knowledge or know-how of a subject matter expert to enable organizations and individuals to manage risk more effectively.

    Expertise becomes critical in areas of risk and uncertainty.  Currently, the barrier to accessing expertise is a human capacity constraint - a human can only process a finite number of issues in a day. Expertise has become a rare and expensive resource. We’ve eliminated these obstacles through our technology suite, which enables human experts to create their Decisioning Digital Twins.  These Decisioning Digital Twins have unlimited processing capacity - this means organizations can access expert advice from around the globe, 24,/7 at an affordable rate.  Our proprietary Tacit Object Modeler, TOMTM  technology is used to create the experts’ Decisioning Digital Twin.  

    Decisioning Digital Twins

    Decisioning Digital Twins are AI replicas of a human expert’s decision-making. The Digital Twin, created by an expert, returns the same response as the human expert would - in real-time, with no processing capacity limitations. 

    AI Employment Agency (AIEA)

    Access to the Decisoning Digital Twins of experts outside of an organization happens via Merlynn’s AI Employment Agency (AIEA) platform.
    Via the AI Employment Agency, experts upload their Digital Twins and sell their expertise to organizations looking to employ or deploy these skills, either B2B or C2B basis within existing systems. On the AIEA platform organizations can view the profile of the human expert who created the Digital Twin. They can then download Digital Twins from anywhere in the world to be integrated into their existing ERP systems. 

    Phone: info@merlynn-ai.com
    Website: https://www.merlynn-ai.com/
    Year Founded: 2015
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