• Bite-Sized Learning with Airbase

    A bite-size presentation — a feast of value. AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND 1/31/23

  • Back for another year, we are proud to bring you our bite-sized webinar series featuring our Sage Intacct Marketplace Partners. Each week you can access a new 15-minute webinar through the Sage Intacct Marketplace. These on-demand webinars will feature a Sage Intacct Marketplace Partner and how their integrated solution can add value to your business.

    Key Benefits:
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    AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND 1/31/23 Register NOW!

    A bite-size presentation — a feast of value. 

    Now more than ever, companies are turning to modern spend management to improve financial operations and get control over costs. In this session, you’ll learn how Airbase’s consolidated, collaborative platform saves companies time and money. It’s never been easier to implement the spend controls your company needs with a system your employees will love. See how the powerful Airbase/Intacct integration transforms all workflow, for all stakeholders, for all non-payroll spend. 

    Key takeaways:

    • How the innovation of modern spend management is forever changing corporate purchasing. 
    • How Airbase’s “intake” satisfies procurement needs for many companies.
    • How Airbase handles spend approvals, invoice processing, payments, and reporting. 
    • How Airbase consolidates corporate cards, bill payments, and expense reimbursements on a single platform. 
    • How Airbase seamlessly integrates with your Intacct ERP. 
    • Why Airbase is the #1 spend management solution for mid-market and larger companies. 
    AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND 1/31/23 Register NOW!  

    About Airbase
    Airbase is the leading spend management platform for mid-market to early-enterprise companies. It combines vendor intake, comprehensive accounts payable, an advanced corporate card program, and employee expense reimbursements into one system. Airbase automates accounting and operational workflows for a faster close, real-time reporting, spending compliance, and a consistent platform experience for all non-payroll spend.


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    Airbase is the only comprehensive spend management platform that scales with companies from startup to IPO and beyond. It combines three products — accounts payable, an advanced corporate card program, and employee expense reimbursements — into one system. Implemented individually, each product has all the core functionality you expect from a best-of-breed solution. Taken together, Airbase is a consistent and efficient platform experience for all non-payroll spend. Automated accounting and approval workflows provide visibility and control, a faster close, and real-time reporting. It’s beyond spend management. It’s spendlightenment.

    Phone: (253) 341-2825
    Website: https://www.airbase.com
    Year Founded: 2017
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