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    Smart data unification, seamless integration, incisive analytics & rapid deployment.

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  • ZAP Data Hub for Sage Intacct empowers high-performing, integrated and data driven business insights, and a means for organizations to modernize and more effectively manage their business through data and analytics.

    We provide an extensive set of pre-built BI reports and analytics for every type of organization, all managed through our automated and agile data management platform in the cloud.

    Available globally with local support from Sage ecosystem partners, Sage Intacct customers can enjoy the incredibly short “time to value”, significant IT cost reductions, SaaS scalability and the maturity of a leading data & analytics vendor, also known as Sage Data & Analytics.

    Start your data & analytics journey in the cloud with ZAP: extend our Sage Intacct data models with additional Sage Intacct data or your other data sources, gain powerful business insights, and take your business to the next level with ZAP Data Hub for Sage Intacct.

    Key Benefits:

    • Pre-built analytics - pre-built yet fully customizable data models and analytics means ZAP Data Hub is a huge money saver. Leverage our hundreds of metrics, financial report templates and dashboards: there's no need to start your analytics journey from scratch!
    • Time saver - through automation and usability ZAP Data Hub increases productivity, replacing time-consuming, manual and inefficient processes.
    • Value - extremely well-priced for the value, ZAP Data Hub is also an open data platform that integrates with several other platforms such as Power Automate, Zapier, or other reporting tools such as Power BI, Tableau and Excel. 
    • Extendable - tailored to Sage Intacct but also easily extendable, ZAP Data Hub connects all your additional data sources, builds your custom analytics, and helps you to join the dots.
    • Cloud scalability - our SaaS packaging eliminates software and hardware maintenance. Thanks to our elastic cloud and flexible plans, ZAP Data Hub can scale and follow your data journey so you'll always be up-to-date.
    • Global and responsive support - our support, customer success and partner channels are global. We strive to deliver the best rapport and customer experience possible - delivered to you in the optimal way, thanks to SaaS.
    • Centralized and Secure - your data is automatically refreshed and is kept securely stored thanks to ZAP's strong data governance and cloud security standards.

    ZAP's data management platform is the core technology of ZAP Data Hub. It enables the automated collection, modeling and aggregation of your Sage Intacct data for the most effective and interactive reporting and analytics experience.
    • Automated data collection - optimized connectivity to Sage Intacct will incorporate all your customizations as well as adding any extra data source your business uses, wherever your data resides.
    • Intuitive and powerful data modeling - agile, highly flexible and user-friendly data management features to help you bring extra data sources, cleanse, merge, extend to customize to your needs.
    • Automated data-warehouse generation and aggregated semantic layer - in addition to data modeling, ZAP Data Hub automatically generates the data warehouse and optimizes your experience by aggregating your data and rendering it in the friendliest and most effective way.
    • Your data presented either within ZAP Data Hub or Power BI - the ZAP Data Hub presentation layer is a powerful, agile, and highly explorable visualization and reporting platform that is perfect for self-service BI and interactive financial statements experience. It comes with pre-built analytics that you can customize, extend, embed, or distribute. But we're also open to other reporting tools and have pre-built some of our own analytics on their store!

    Pre-built ZAP analytics to fast-track your project
    • General Ledger - Chief Financial Officer dashboard, Expense Monitoring dashboard, Cash Flow Analysis dashboard, Profit Analysis dashboard, 20+ financial statement templates, 80+ pre-built KPIs and many visualizations; all supporting historical analysis, entity and calendar consolidation, and currency conversion.
    • Accounts Receivable - AR Manager overview dashboard and explorable analytics covering collection effectiveness, current and historical aging of AR.
    • Accounts Payable - AP Manager overview dashboard and explorable analytics covering current and historical aging of AP.
    • Coming soon - analytics for Sales, Procurement, Inventory, Project and Contracts.

    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License

    3 options of bundled plans plus an integration fee.

    Integration Approved Countries:
    Australia; Canada; United Kingdom; South Africa; United States; South Africa;

    Founded in 2001, ZAP is a modern data stack & SaaS organization that transforms the data of mid-market businesses, providing them with a competitive advantage. With operations in the USA, Europe, Australia, and South Africa, ZAP works with sales partners in over 40 countries.

    ZAP Data Hub transforms complex operational data into powerful business insights, providing users with an automated data platform that interconnects systems and enables sophisticated, easy-to-use BI through analytics automation. ZAP Data Hub provides users with:
    Seamless integration
    Designed for ERPs, ZAP Data Hub delivers immediate outcomes.

    Smart data unification
    Modern data management, ZAP Data Hub aggregates data and connects multiple sources & other data platforms.

    Incisive reporting
    ZAP Data Hub provides you with definitive analytics. Exceptionally user-friendly, reports are simple to compile.

    Rapid deployment
    ZAP Data Hub comes with pre-built solutions so it only takes days to implement. The user induction process is greatly simplified for ease-of-use. 

    ZAP Data Hub is used in all industry sectors, from mid-sized businesses to Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 organizations. Azure-accredited and a Microsoft Gold Partner, Sage’s SD&A (Sage Data & Analytics) platform is powered by ZAP Data Hub and is the result of a long-standing ISV relationship.

    Website: https://www.zapbi.com/sage-reporting-solutions/
    Year Founded: 2001
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