• Bite-Sized Learning: Workforce Time Intelligence & Sage Intacct by Journyx

    AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND 6/22/23 $10 Starbucks gift card to first-day attendees who complete the survey!*

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    AVAILABLE ON-DEMAND 6/22/23 - $10 Starbucks gift card to first-day attendees who complete the survey!*

    Workforce Time Intelligence & Sage Intacct

    We're all looking to gain more efficiency in our business. And, for most organizations, our workforce is our most costly—and valuable—resource. That’s where workforce time intelligence comes in. Whether it be for project tracking, cost accounting, billing and/or payroll, the data gleaned from a sophisticated time tracking solution can help you spot inefficiencies and maximize profitability.

    In this session, you will learn:

    • Why workforce time intelligence matters
    • How Journyx can help with your time tracking needs
    • How Journyx integrates with Sage Intacct
    • How a leading critical infrastructure company in the energy industry went from spending days on payroll processing to hours, and from weeks on month-end financial reporting to mere days by integrating Journyx with Sage Intacct

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    United States;


    With over 25 years in the industry, Journyx delivers solutions that enable organizations to track their time. 

    Companies worldwide use Journyx enterprise timesheet solutions to track and manage their time, expenses, project costs and resources to increase productivity, plan more effectively, and maximize profits. 

    Reasons to choose Journyx: 

    • Industry-leading time tracking for complex accounting needs

    • Proven experience in major industries 

    • Award-winning customer support 

    • Enterprise-level system integration with Sage Intacct

    • Exclusive focus on time tracking solutions - we obsess over your time 

    Phone: +1 (512) 834-8888
    Website: https://journyx.com/integrations/sage-intacct
    Year Founded: 1996
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