• Equipment Management for Sage Intacct

    Manage Equipment Usage. Simplify Your Process. Power Your Business

  • For many businesses who gain revenue and track costs from the usage of equipment, it’s a challenge to log equipment usage, recognize revenue for usages of equipment, and track hours for equipment operators in their Sage Intacct accounting system. Equipment Management is a platform application for Sage Intacct Construction that helps business more efficiently track equipment usage.

    Key Benefits:
    With Wipfli’s exclusive equipment management application for Sage Intacct, you can save time and staff hours by:

    • Fast-usage entry that allows for entering multiple pieces of equipment spanning different jobs and cost codes on a single usage sheet, including usage importing from a file
    • Leveraging Sage Intacct built-in functionality to easily generate invoices with the specific bill rate per equipment and job
    • Consolidating all equipment attributes without the need for custom fields in Sage Intacct
    • Track Equipment cost rates for usage

    Our solution is flexible and seamless, allowing you to streamline processes, reduce manual errors and track complex data.
    Some key features include the ability to log equipment usage to:
    • Create equipment usage sheets & timesheets for the operators
    • Mark usages as billable if needed to be paid by customer – or track costs for equipment and operator
    • Generate reports on statistical usage (such as equipment hours, too
    • Easy to install, implement, and use

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Platform Services
    Sage Intacct Construction

    Subscription & implementation fee

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;


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    We embrace and embody these values to live our mission:
    To enable individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential, empowered by the security of a stable foundation.
    Our people are eternal students, bringing cross-industry experience and creativity to help clients see beyond today’s most complex business challenges. We see success for what it is: a continual process. Nonlinear. But always advancing. Always progressing — from curiosity, to clarity, to results — time and again.

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