• Invoice Bright

    Accounting technology that increases cash flow and saves money.

  • Invoice Bright provides Vendors the Payment Status of their Sent Invoices in real-time from the Clients’ accounting systems. Cash flow management becomes more efficient for everyone and both Parties win.

    Make life Brighter by sharing Payment Status with your Vendors so they don’t have to ask you for it. Do your Vendors a favor and your Clients will do the same for you. Get by Giving!

    Key Benefits:
    Invoice Bright knows the current Payment Status of your sent AR Invoices!

    What are the problems that have not evolved in centuries?

    1. Vendors send Invoices and then wait…and wait.  
    2. Businesses do not know the real-time Payment Status of their Receivables.
    3. Vendor to Client Invoice follow-up is manual and expensive and most do it very poorly.
    4. 10% of Invoices go lost or get stuck in the payment process.

    Invoice Bright built a platform that connects the world’s accounting systems and matches Invoices and Bills.  So now with Invoice Bright, Vendors automatically see the real-time Payment Status of their Invoices.

    Knowing the real-time payment status of your Invoices:
    1. Increases Cash Flow
    2. Saves Money
    3. Finds Lost Invoices
    4. Improves the Efficiency of AR and AP Departments.

    Invoice Bright does not:
    1. Require a change to current Accounting Processes
    2. Replace a current piece of your Accounting Tech stack


    System Requirements:
    Invoice Bright implementation with Sage Intacct takes less than 30 minutes, not days or weeks.


    Operating Countries:
    United States;

    Invoice Bright magically tracks AR invoices, boldly finds the 10% of AR invoices that are lost, heroically increases cash flow, valiantly makes AR and AP departments less tragic, and makes every business BRIGHTER. Invoice Bright does not replace another accounting solution, nor does it require a change to your current accounting processes. It simply matches Bills to their Invoices from different accounting systems providing real-time Payment Status, thus making life Brighter.

    Phone: (615) 257-7500
    Website: https://www.invoicebright.com/sageintacct
    Year Founded: 2020
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