• Corrigo

    Facilities management software for Sage Intacct companies with multiple or large locations.

  • Corrigo extends Sage Intacct to enable end-to-end automated, electronic cost savings for every facilities-related purchase and vendor relationship. Transform the P&L contribution of your facilities management or field service team!

    Key Benefits:
    The Corrigo and Sage Intacct integration simplifies your facilities vendor management tasks.
    Slash your AP costs for every facilities vendor invoice, removing the expense of paper checks and enforcing business rules in CMMS prior to releasing for approval. That approval process becomes fully electronic, fully auto-routed, and much less costly.  
    Further lower your AP costs by sharing critical payment data with connected Service Pros, thus reducing calls to AP/vendor management teams. 

    • Bills Nightly sends authorized Corrigo Vendor Invoices into Sage Intacct as Bills. Configuration of Corrigo entities ensures the Bill is recorded against the proper Location, Department, Account, and Terms as defined in Sage Intacct.
    • Checks Nightly retrieves Intacct AP Payments into Corrigo as Vendor Payments, providing Vendors visibility into payment details.
    Corrigo = FMMS (Facilities Management & Maintenance Software)
    Powerful Asset Value Optimization: Optimize every repair and replace decision day-to-day, and deliver sound capital planning to the boardroom. Data-driven asset lifecycle management and asset capital planning are greatly simplified for Corrigo users. 
    Advanced Performance Management: Robust reporting and user-configurable dashboards, and filtering data in views onscreen all provide the performance data you need at your fingertips. These technologies are foundations of intelligent automation and truly prescriptive maintenance.
    Engaged vendor network: Thousands of commercial service providers use Corrigo to manage their own businesses and receive work from fellow Corrigo users.
    Technician Management: Hundreds of thousands of technicians use Corrigo and its powerful mobile app to supercharge their performance and manage their time.  
    Materials Management: Automate reorders to maintain par levels, eliminate duplicate orders, maximize bulk purchasing discounts, and ensure that every truck is always ready to roll.
    Mobile Service Requests:  Whether your building occupants are tenants, residents, guests, employees, store managers, or anyone else –they can send service requests with a simple mobile app. Or, empower selected employees to send service requests from anywhere in the facility with a simple mobile app. Give them the access they need to view updates, verify completed work, and more.
    Automated Warranty Management: Maximize the value of third-party equipment and service warranties.
    Preventive Maintenance: Proactive scheduling and management of recurring maintenance. Managing high-volume, complex PM programs is greatly simplified by automated creation and mass management of recurring work orders within the platform. 
    Multinational: In use in 122 countries, 23 languages and 76 supported currencies.

    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License.
    Corrigo mobile apps are available on both Google Play and the App Store.

    Monthly subscription, 1-3 year contract, variable deployment & integration fees, optional add-on services

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;

    Over 4.3 million people use Corrigo Facilities Management & Maintenance Software (FMMS) at 2.2 million locations worldwide to manage every imaginable type of real estate and maintenance staffing model. 

    Without Corrigo, many Facilities teams struggle! Bogged down in repetitive details. Lack of vendor accountability. Fixing the same issues repeatedly without resolution. Too many costly emergencies. High-impact outages. Unpredictable costs. Inability to pivot. 

    Proven intelligence built into Corrigo brings control to every driver of your Facilities cost structure and performance.

    Phone: (877) 267-7440
    Website: https://www.jllt.com/corrigo-cmms/
    Year Founded: 1999
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