• Dryrun

    Use Sage Intacct data in Dryrun to manage cash flow, revenue, and make operational decisions.

  • Dryrun Offers True Cash Flow Visibility for Sage Intacct Users

    Users can selectively import Sage Intacct data to the Dryrun platform with a click, automating much of the forecast data entry while allowing professionals to change anything to visualize present cash flow realities, forecast revenues and map operational decisions. Integration with Sage Intacct is simple, secure, and customizable.

    Partnered with Sage Intacct, Dryrun provides both the automation and full control that are needed to model the complexities of business.

    Key Benefits:
    Integrating Dryrun with Sage Intacct brings value to your clients!

    • ​​​​​​​Helps your clients visualize cash flow impact by quickly flipping between views
    • Allows Sage Intacct users can easily arrange aging AP/AR using Dryrun's accountant-generated 'Action List'
    • Helps your organization move beyond fragile spreadsheets to robust collaboration for cash forecasting in the near, mid, and long term
    • Allows clients to easily see the value of an actionable operations forecast.
    • Helps clients and advisors visualize then choose best course of action using scenario-based forecasting
    • Allows insight across teams with flexible scenario-based workflows
    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Ask us how Dryrun equips you to deliver incredible value for your clients, efficiencies for your practice, and transforms your advisory services.

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services; Latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

    Fees are typically paid annually and vary based on number of licenses required. Starting at $4000 per year.

    Operating Countries:
    United States;

    Half of all businesses will fail within their first five years, and cash flow issues are the leading cause. In fact, nearly 30% of businesses will fail due to cash flow issues alone, and 82% of every business that fails places blame on cash flow. (Bertsch, 'Pandemic Cash Flow')

    The seeds of Dryrun started during 2009 when the global recession was wreaking havoc throughout the Canadian west. Budgets were slamming shut on all side and projects were canceled mid-stream, catching many businesses flat-footed as business had shortly before looked optimistic.

    Taking the future 'what ifs' rather than the historical sunk costs and have-beens and moving them around in a beautiful, intuitive and actionable format lead to the creation of Dryrun, global powerhouse for cash flow, sales and growth forecasting in over 70 countries.

    Phone: (855) 437-9786
    Website: https://dryrun.com/
    Year Founded: 2014
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