• Expense and AP automation for Sage Intacct

    Learn how expensemanager can enhance Sage Intacct with expense management and invoice automation

  • expensemanager is smart automation for all spend. One platform to manage expenses, supplier invoices, purchase orders and travel spend. All with budget visibility.

    expensemanager enhances Sage Intacct functionality with a mobile app, OCR scanning, reporting on budgets, tracking spend and approval workflows.

    Key Benefits:

    • Eliminates hours of manual data entry with direct Sage Intacct integration
    • Enhances Sage Intaact functionality with a mobile app, OCR scanning, reporting on budgets, tracking spend and approval workflows.
    • Push credit card transactions through to the GL module as separate expense lines, GST paid lines and clearing lines.
    • Direct links back to expensemanager are included as standard for a direct link back to view receipts, invoices, expense details and audit history.
    • Enter purchase orders in expensemanager and match them with invoices before invoices get exported and paid out of Sage.
    • Harness expensemanagers powerful scanning and approval workflows to ensure only valid invoices are loaded into Sage for payment.
    • Keep the active projects, project tasks and suppliers synced with Sage
    All modules include:
    • iOS and Android app     
    • Real time reporting
    • Multi tax codes/currency
    • Multi-entity configuration
    • Unlimited storage
    • Document archiving
    • Multiple approval workflows
    • Local secure data services
    • Live local support
    • Single Sign On

    Key module features:
    • Expenses - Create, submit and approve expenses on any device.  Corporate, business, personal cards, reimbursements, mileage, travel
    • Invoices -  Accounts payable processes online and automated eliminates paper invoices, manual entry and slow approvals.
    • Purchase Orders -  Online purchase orders gives employees the abiility to plan their spend.  Integrated with invoice module for PO matching.
    • Budgets -  Employees can see budgets at the time of spend so they can make sensible and smart purchasing decision.
    • Trip Reconciler - Daily travel and Uber receipts sent directly to travellers expense lines with auto maching and coding
    • FBT/GST Wizards -  Users can allocate FBT and GST correctly and without manual calculation. 
    Leading automation technology:

    OCR – 
    optical character recognition.  AI – artificial intelligence.  ML – machine learning.   (HITL) -  Human-in-the-loop  


    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services

    Price per usage

    Integration Approved Countries:
    Australia; United States;

    expensemanager is a service-first spend management company that builds software designed to revolutionise business processes.  Say goodbye to maintaining multiple software solutions, expensemanager's one integrated platform enables companies to automate and manage their entire procure to pay process.   Expense management  | Invoice automation  | Purchase Orders  | Trip Reconciler  | Budgets   

    And because it's modular companies can take just our expense module, invoices later or all of our modules at once.  It’s your choice. 

    Our use of cloud technology and original design principles…”to keep it user friendly, affordable and flexible” translates to easy adoption for companies. It’s this key ingredient that is so appealing to the market and is one of the significant deciding factors for our clients.

    Everyone on our team has a sense of ownership to our product and the decisions we make about our software development and support delivery is a collaborative approach.  Our full local support and commitment to service excellence not only delivers our client’s vision but creates a successful ongoing partnership

    Phone: +61296726880
    Website: https://expense-manager.com/
    Year Founded: 2015
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