• Advanced Project Management

    Custom solution to plan, prioritize, and manage projects with time-entry allocations.

  • Plains Mobile Inc offers an advanced projected management solution with the ability to seamlessly integrate into the Sage Intacct Accounting Software. This allows users to get a more in-depth and custom approach when managing their projects and tasks. Integrate items such as projects, invoicing, and contact information from ezCinect™ OBI with Sage Intacct to plan, prioritize, and evaluate your projects more efficiently. Gain access to budgeting insight with real-time status alerts, detailed reports, and measurable analytics. Plains Mobile offers add-on services for companies who need custom or in-depth project tracking with allocations for easy invoicing and budget analysis. We empower companies to take project management to another level by designating resources properly, and documenting proper hours and efforts for efficient billing.

    Key Benefits:

    • Seamless transfer of data from project management solution into Sage Intacct accounting solution
    • Customized time-entry with allocations to projects and tasks
    • Budget tracking features provide automation and alerts for prioritizing 
    • Automatically generate invoices based on time-entry and project fees
    • Create quotes with customized reports
    • Ability to scale and adapt as business grows
    • Detailed analytics and reports help gain insight for decision-making related to capacity planning and utilization
    • Commercial Real-Estate
      • Managing complex projects involves logging employee hours for specific clients, locations, and tasks.  All this information needs to be documented for proper invoicing and billing.  Plains Mobile's Advanced Project Management Solution allows for detailed tracking with custom allocations, so your data stays organized.  Automatically generate reports and quotes, get status notifications, and gain insight from detailed analytics in one place.
    • Advanced Project Management
      • Not a Commercial Real-Estate Company? Plains Mobile's Advanced Project Management Solution can help any organization with special or detailed project management needs.  When your projects are either unique or complex, finding a "true-fit" system is the only way to ensure proper tracking and management.  Automation saves you time, and insight from analytics gives you the knowledge to make smart business decisions.

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services

    Paid Application

    Plains Mobile offers an Advanced Project Management Solution with seamless integration into the Sage Intacct Accounting Software.  We use our ezCinect™ OBI platform to integrate with any object or dimension supported by Sage Intacct.  Integrate project details to Sage Intacct objects, such as orders, contacts, projects, tasks, or budgets for efficient status tracking.  Link to any Sage Intacct dimension to manage locations, departments, or employees for time and expense allocations.  Plains Mobile's management solution empowers teams to collaborate on projects without overlap or confusion by allowing users to prioritize, plan, and manage projects in real-time. Our invoicing features utilize our ezQ automation technology which can generate invoices automatically based on project setup details and/or Time Entry by project team members, as well as transmit Invoices via email on scheduled basis. Analytics provide data reports and graphs exactly as desired by each customer. We offer a specialized project management solution for the Commercial Real-Estate industry but we can customize our project management solution to meet the needs of customers with any unique project management requirement.


    Phone: (888) 627-1798
    Website: http://plainsmobile.com/sage-intacct/
    Year Founded: 2012
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