• SalesPad Cloud

    Inventory Management for Sage Intacct

  • The SalesPad Cloud + Sage Intacct integration allows distribution organizations to utilize SalesPad Cloud’s proven distribution platform combined with Sage Intacct’s industry-leading financial capabilities. Users have peace of mind knowing that their operational needs will not outgrow their system capabilities.

    SalesPad Cloud offers a sophisticated order management model that is workflow-based and rules-driven. It coordinates your omni-channel commerce and serves as the central order hub, allowing businesses to consistently fulfill orders and maintain proper stock levels.

    Key Benefits:
    Users can harness the accounting power of Sage Intacct for their accounting requirements and leverage SalesPad Cloud for their inventory, sales, customer service, and distribution needs. Data entered in SalesPad Cloud is accessible in Sage Intacct, and data keyed or updated in Intacct can be modified in SalesPad Cloud. SalesPad Cloud is the operational yin to Sage Intacct's accounting yang.

    SalesPad Cloud integrates posted sales invoices and returns as AR invoices, vendor invoices as AP bills, and then purchase receipts and inventory transactions as journal entries to either the AR, AP, or GJ journals. SalesPad also supports class, vendor, customer, and location dimensions on all integrated transactions. For list data, SalesPad syncs customers, vendors, and contacts between SalesPad and Sage Intacct.

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services
    Processor – Intel Core i3-3xxx or equivalent
    Disk Drive – Minimum 250 MB free disk space
    Memory – Minimum 2 GB of RAM
    Display – 1024x768

    per user/per month

    Operating Countries:
    United States;


    SalesPad is a standalone Operational ERP Platform (Sales, Order Management, Inventory, Warehouse Management) that was built with distribution operations at its core. Since 2003, SalesPad has been helping distributors scale their business, maximize profits and tackle the increasingly competitive distribution landscape. 

    SalesPad ERP Software solutions are incredibly user-friendly and works seamlessly with Sage Intacct. 

    Our main goal is all about creating the Best Inventory Management Software for medium-sized manufacturers to Enterprise Distribution companies with a focus on B2B and B2C. Simply put, we create Inventory Management Software that drives businesses forward.

    Phone: (800) 935-5660
    Website: https://www.salespad.com/
    Year Founded: 2003
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