• SugarCRM Sage Intacct Integration

    Sage Intacct SugarCRM Integration

  • SugarCRM is the fastest growing CRM software package in the world. Sage Intacct is the fastest growing cloud accounting and ERP software package in the world. It only makes sense to integrate the software so that companies can use best in class software in each software category without missing out on critical integration components.

    The FayeBSG SugarCRM Sage Intacct Integration addresses this. It allows the two software packages to “talk with each other” by sending customers (accounts), inventory items (products), and sales history (sales documents) from Sage Intacct to Sugar and by sending quotes (sales orders) and new accounts (customers) from Sugar to Sage Intacct. The synchronization between the packages can be set on a scheduler or run manually.

    Key Benefits:

    Sage Intacct Customers to Sugar Accounts
    This takes Intacct customer data and moves it to the SugarCRM Accounts Module.   New customers will be created automatically in SugarCRM.  Existing customers will have their data (name, address, etc.) overwritten each time the synchronization is run.

    Sage Intacct Contacts to Sugar Accounts
    This takes the contact information from the Intacct and moves it to the SugarCRM Accounts Module. New contacts will be created automatically when synchronization is run.

    Sage Intacct Customer Sales History & Credit Information to Sugar
    This function moves various Intacct sales history values to the new custom “Sales History” module in Sugar.  No other Sugar data is overwritten during this synchronization.

    Sage Intacct Inventory to Sugar Product Catalog
    This takes Intacct inventory data (from the Inventory Master file) and moves it to the SugarCRM Product Catalog Module.   Records for the same item number in SugarCRM will be overwritten with the latest Intacct data each time the synchronization is run.

    Sugar Quotes and Sales Orders to Sage Intacct
    This function synchronizes quotes and sales orders entered and updated in Sugar with Intacct sales orders.


    System Requirements:
    ◾The software is currently compatible with SugarCRM v7.8 and up
    ◾Data consistency is the responsibility of the end user. Intacct Customer Names must match the Sugar Account names to fully function.
    ◾Intacct WebServices
    ◾Supports Single Entity only

    $3000 - $5000

    FayeBSG is a technology consulting and software company that helps growing companies become more profitable by working with them to implement innovative and effective financial and business systems.

    FayeBSG is also the award winning developer of industry leading SugarCRM integrations. Services include project management, software implementations, consulting, programming, training, and support. Industry expertise focuses on banking, financial services, and distribution and manufacturing companies in a variety of industries including cosmetics, beauty supply, industrial supply, and consumer products.

    Phone: (818) 280-4820
    Website: https://fayebsg.com
    Year Founded: 2009
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