• Integration & Automation Tool for Sage Intacct

    Connect Sage Intacct to other cloud applications & enable powerful integrations with expert guidance

  • Azuqua for Sage Intacct enables you to improve visibility and increase efficiency by automating processes and powering complex integrations between Sage Intacct and your other cloud applications and services. 

    Designed with advanced business logic and branching, Azuqua delivers solutions that provide fast results - often within hours - without the lost time, risk and expense of additional software, infrastructure, and brittle custom code.

    What once took months of custom development, can now be built and implemented in a matter of hours with the help of Azuqua’s visual designer and expert guidance from our Customer Success team.

    Key Benefits:

    Quickly Connect Your Apps
    Azuqua has pre-built connectors to hundreds of leading cloud applications including CRM, Ecommerce, Marketing, Project Management, Accounting, and more. With Azuqua for Sage Intacct, you can immediately extend your integration capabilities without the need for technical resources and power complex integrations that can't be solved by simple plug-ins. 

    A short list of pre-built connectors with Sage Intacct functionality include: 
    Workfront, Mavenlink, and Salesforce.

    Improve Data Visibility and Reporting

    Improve visibility and reporting by syncing financial and operational data across applications, teams, and departments. For example, Azuqua enables you to connect Sage Intacct to your CRM or accounting applications to automatically sync customer data. With Azuqua for Sage Intacct, you can create a tailored high level view of relevant information in Sage Intacct so you spend less time logging into multiple applications and more time making progress towards your goals.

    Increase Efficiency

    Leverage automation to streamline reporting and eliminate manual tasks. Our team of integration experts works with you to leverage complex business logic and branching to automatically manipulate data from multiple sources, aggregate reports, and streamline your processes. Time is critical, and Azuqua enables you to eliminate roadblocks caused by the disconnect between teams and applications by building automation into your custom business processes.  

    System Requirements:
    Intacct Web Services
    Web-based browser

    starts at $250/mo


    Based out of Seattle, Azuqua is a leader in the integration space and is backed by DFJ, Insight, and Ignition. Azuqua partners with the world’s leading SaaS companies including Workfront, Zendesk, and Intacct with the vision to run the world’s business processes. 

    We combine integration expertise with a quick-to-build visual designer that makes it possible to power complex integrations faster than ever before. Azuqua includes a library of pre-built connectors to hundreds popular cloud applications including CRM, ERP, Project Management, Finance, and more. If the system you are looking for is not currently listed, we can also quickly build connectors to legacy systems, cloud applications, and databases.

    And when your business processes change, our cloud service enables you to quickly adjust, increase collaboration and connect processes across all departments by providing a vast and growing connector library. Since we’re also a SaaS service, our tools are easy to use and provide fast results - often within hours - without the lost time, risk and expense of additional software, infrastructure, and brittle custom code.

    Azuqua's world-class customer success and professional services area also available to provide strategic planning, mentorship, training, and solutions consulting to achieve fast, measurable results.

    Phone: (206) 494-5670
    Website: https://azuqua.com/
    Year Founded: 2011
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