• Versapay for Intacct

    Transform your AR department to drive efficiency and cash flow with Versapay.

  • Versapay's direct integration with Sage Intacct transforms your AR department to drive efficiency and cash flow by delivering a secure and straightforward way to accept credit cards, debit cards, and ACH payments. Versapay's customers, on average, reduce manual AR processes by more than 30%, save 20% on payment fees, and accelerate payment collections by 25%. Expand your revenue while limiting effort with recurring payments, subscription billing, email invoicing, and an optional shopping cart plug-in. Start accepting payments today with our seamless Sage Intacct integration.

    Key Benefits:
    Streamline invoicing & increase efficiency

    • Collect payments directly in Sage Intacct and make it part of your native ERP workflows, limiting the need for training.
    • Auto-reconciliation from acceptance, to posting to cash receipt journal balancing.
    • Research is easy with all payment data in your ERP.
    Improve cash conversion & lower processing costs
    • Accept and process payments across all sales channels - e-commerce, retail, and the back office.
    • Omnichannel payments - Accept credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, checks, and bank payments.
    • Minimize fees with Interchange Optimization and LevelII and III processing.
    Reduce risk & avoid payments fraud
    • Securely process online orders from cart to cash.
    • Tokenized and encrypted sensitive credit card data.
    • PCI Validation protects you, and your customers and helps reduce fraudulent chargebacks.
    • Payment processing software plus services in one.
    • Transactions are retained for future or repeated authorization and settlement.
    • 24x7 access to online portals for all payment processing data, reporting tools, and dispute management

    [Versapay] not only helped us save in processing fees by providing level 3 data, but it also eliminated our manual data entry in A/R by more than 70%, resulting in even more savings. It’s a win-win situation for us, greater cost savings, less data entry and errors, and faster closing.” - Luis Guerra, Accounting Manager, Magaya Corporation  

    Additional Features:

    Recurring Payments - Set up recurring payments by setting search criteria for open invoices and charging the credit card, debit card, or ACH account on file. Automate payments for specific invoices based on your payment preference. Payments are automatically applied to the selected invoice and batched out. Then, the deposit gets created in Sage Intacct. You can send approved/declined results as well as dunning reports via email.  

    Automated Emails  - Email invoicing with PayNow buttons allow you to send individual or mass emails to customers in real-time. Customers will receive an easy-to-customize email within seconds containing custom text, the invoice number, and a pdf of the sales invoice attached directly from Sage Intacct.  

    PayNow - Tokenized PayNow button redirects customers to the secure payment portal page to enter and store billing information. Both credit card and ACH accepted. 

    Real-Time Updates and Reporting - Payment information is updated in real-time in the accounting system once the charge is approved. Then, each payment is automatically applied to the invoice and batched out. Finally, the deposit gets created for you in Sage Intacct.  

    Customer Portal  - The easy-to-use online self-service portal provides 24/7 access to all payment processing data, reporting, and dispute management details. Payments are synced immediately in Sage Intacct, reducing data entry costs and increasing cash flow. Customers can view open and paid invoices, download PDFs, and pay multiple open invoices. You can log in directly with your username and password or set up to access via SSO as an iframe into your existing portal. Automated deposits are automatically applied to the invoice, batched out nightly, and then the deposit is created for you in Sage Intacct. 

    Shopping Cart Plug-in - Create customers, sales orders, and invoices, synchronize inventory and create and apply payments from data entered by your customer in the cart. It includes a plug-in for Magento.

    Versapay Payments: Seamless Payments Integration with Sage Intacct

    System Requirements:
    Sage Intacct Web Services; Sage Intacct Platform Services; Compatible with all O/S versions and browsers.

    Competitive pricing dependent upon selected modules and features. No hidden fees. No ongoing development costs.

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;


    About Versapay for Intacct

    2C Processing merged with Versapay in 2020, creating a market leading Collaborative AR Automation and Integrated Payments offering for Sage Intacct customers. The Versapay Network transforms AR by connecting you and your customers with best-in-class AR automation and payment solutions that drive efficiency and cash flow for your organization.  

    Versapay helps clients accelerate cash conversion, reduce costs, and eliminate paper checks and manual business processes by providing invoicing, automation, and payments solutions that drive better customer experiences. 

    Since Versapay’s inception in 2006, the company has grown into a global network of 8,000+ clients and 700,000+ users driving $17 billion in payment volume annually. Based in Toronto with offices in Atlanta, Cleveland, Baltimore, LA, and Las Vegas, Versapay is owned by Great Hill Partners, a Boston-based technology investment firm. 

    Phone: (800) 977-3840
    Website: http://www.versapay.com
    Year Founded: 2001
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