• Sync Sage Intacct data to your favorite spreadsheet tool

    Find out how much more effective your team can be with Kloudio's Sage Intacct integration

  • Kloudio is on a mission to empower business teams with the full spectrum of analytics capabilities. We are redefining how technical teams enable business users get direct access to the data they need to automate the mundane activities in data preparation, reporting, and synchronization.

    Key Benefits:

    • Direct access to source data - Finance teams no longer need to go to so many different sources to manually pull the data needed for their models. 
    • Providing flexible self-service for business teams - Kloudio enables business teams to filter the data they need and then slice and dice within Google Sheets, Excel, or Office 365, all without needing the time, inputs, or resources of finance or IT.
    • Automated refreshing - With Kloudio, analysts can pull data from their source systems and easily automate refreshes of modeled data into Excel, Google Sheets, and Office 365.
    • Ease of use - Technical users can write their SQL, set some filters, and enable business users within the spreadsheet tools they're already using. Business users can also use the drag-and-drop functionality of Kloudio to set things up themselves. No need for complex ETL, BI tool setup, or stakeholder training to use Kloudio.
    • Time savings by offloading engineering work - By having an easy-to-use, flexible tool for business teams to directly access, prep, and act on the data, our customers have seen significant time savings for their engineering teams.

    System Requirements:
    Kloudio Enterprise Account
    Sage Intacct customers must be using the 'General Ledger Details' and 'Trial Balances' objects within Sage Intacct

    Tiered Pricing: Free, Pro, and Enterprise

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;

    Spending too much time wrangling data? We can help!

    Kloudio's data process automation platform allows you to access, prep, and act on data from any SaaS application, database, or data warehouse. As a result, you are empowered to do more with your data:

    • Easily access data from apps, databases, and data warehouses
    • Streamline data preparation via drag-and-drop or SQL
    • Download and automate data refreshes in Excel or Google Sheets
    • Use those same spreadsheet tools to write-back data to a source system

    No code, no data engineers. Just you and your favorite spreadsheet tool, getting down to business.

    Website: https://kloud.io/
    Year Founded: 2016
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