• xtraCHEF by Toast - AP & Cost Management for Restaurants

    Automated financial & operational management tools for easily controlling costs & optimizing margins

  • xtraCHEF’s is built to account for the nuances of food and beverage invoices. Our automated invoice processing digitizes everything from handwritten/paper invoices, cable, utility, etc. bills, expense receipts, emails/pdfs, and EDI feeds.

    Line-item details from these invoices are extracted and funneled into xtraCHEF, including item codes, description, quantity, unit of measure, pack size, and pricing. These details fuel financial and operational tools that help you make more informed decisions.

    xtraCHEF similarly formats and delivers accurate digitized invoice data directly for import into Sage Intacct.

    Imports are guaranteed within 24 hours, passing accounting/GL-level information into your Sage Intacct system. And only xtraCHEF offers a combination of intelligent recognition software with a human-powered Product Verification Module to verify accurate units of measurement.

    Key Benefits:

    xtraCHEF automates your invoice processing, assigning products to the proper GL codes while giving you line-item insights.
    • Streamline Accounts Payable - No more having to deal with paper invoices and manual data entry. Accurate invoice details are available within 24 hours. Easily reconcile order deliveries, short-pay vendors, manage credits, etc.
    • Automatically Apply Correct GL Codes - xtraCHEF allows you to apply a General Ledger (GL) code to a new item or vendor just once. Afterwards, xtraCHEF recognizes the item code or vendor and automatically applies the correct GL code.
    • Track Accurate Recipe Costs Across All Locations - Simplify recipe management with plate costing fueled by accurate invoice data. Build recipes with our drag-and-drop interface, and we’ll calculate the cost of your menu items—along with the cost of the labor it takes to make them. Continue scanning invoices to see how the price of each plate changes with shifts in vendor food prices.
    • Consistently Calculate the Exact Value of Inventory - Easy-to-use inventory management that both ops and finance teams will love. Apply the most recent purchase prices you’ve scanned, or an average of the last 3, 6, or 9 purchase prices to keep COGS and financial reporting a reflection of reality.
    • Easy, Anytime Access to Documents - Search our cloud-based, digital invoice archive any time, from anywhere…from your desktop or your mobile device.
    xtraCHEF provides a weekly digest full of actionable insights.


    System Requirements:
    To enable the integration, Sage Intacct users are NOT required to purchase: Sage Intacct Web Services - Developer License

    Starting at $99/mo per location

    Integration Approved Countries:
    United States;


    Restaurant operators work too hard to waste time and money. Optimize productivity and improve visibility into profit-drivers with xtraCHEF by Toast. Our easy-to-use automation tools are built explicitly for restaurant operators as well as accountants and bookkeepers that serve restaurant clients.

    Automated invoice processing extracts line-item level visibility into restaurant expenses and margins, including item codes, description, quantity, unit of measure, pack size, and price.
    These precise details fuel our operational and financial tools, providing an effortless way to stay informed about real-time financial performance and enabling you to make smarter decisions toward your restaurant goals.

    Once extracted, xtraCHEF by Toast formats and delivers accurate digitized invoice data directly for import into Sage Intacct. This information is already coded and available for import within 24 hours.

    Do more for your business/client's business in less time and with less resources. Let us automate the busy work, so you can focus on sustaining business success.

    Phone: (347) 549-4349
    Website: https://xtrachef.com/integration/sage-intacct/
    Year Founded: 2015
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