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    Phone: (401) 491-9595 , Ext. 5
    Website: http://www.b2bgateway.net/intacct/
    Year Founded: 1999

  • B2BGateway EDI & API Connectivity solutions for​ Sage Intacct:
    Founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1999, B2BGateway is a world leader in the provision of a cloud-based, fully-integrated EDI & API connectivity solutions for Sage Intacct users.  B2BGateway’s Sage Intacct solution is 100% built and maintained by B2BGateway developers.   B2BGateway’s solution is integrated directly into the Sage Intacct user's dashboard, allowing for hassle free, reliable and seamless exchange of any business documents such as purchase orders, invoices, inventory updates, advanced shipping notices via any communication method (FTP, AS2, HTTP, API) and any file type (X12, EDIFACT, CSV, etc). B2BGateway’s EDI & API connectivity solutions for Sage Intacct are simple to use, competitively priced, highly effective and can increase profitability by reducing the costs associated with manual data entry errors.

    Key Benefits:
    A key success factor of B2BGateway has been assigning a Dedicated Project Manager for every new implementation and a Trading Partner Liaison who will work to ensure that we meet all trading partner requirements. Our Rapid Response Team is available for emergency support and routine production issues such as trading partner and mapping changes. Support is available across several time zones with emergency personnel available after hours and on weekends.

    Experience and Technical Architecture:

    B2BGateway has fully integrated thousands of Sage Intacct users with their Trading Partners and 3PLs.

    • B2BGateway processes over $30 Billion (US) transactions per month.
    • B2BGateway processes data in over 25 countries with offices world-wide!
    • B2BGateway has three fail-over facilities located in North America and Europe
    B2BGateway setup pricing is $750 for your organization, $600 to setup each trading partner for all documents and mapping, $149 per month for ongoing service and support, plus $0.06 cents per line item. (So, an order for 100 widgets and 200 sprockets will cost you 12 cents).
    • All (318+) EDI ANSI X-12 and EDIFACT transaction sets are supported at one low price.
    • $750 connection to Sage Intacct and $600 for each trading partner.
    • $149 per month and $0.06 cents per line item on a document.
    • Advanced Shipping Notifications (856) are included.
    • GS1 / UCC-128 labels are available in the Warehouse Support System (WSS).
    • We are the only EDI company in the world that posts our pricing on our Website: www.B2BGateway.Net/get-pricing/.
    B2BGateway supports all inbound and outbound documents from Sage Intacct to the Trading Partner and back. Many additional features above and beyond strict EDI are supported by B2BGateway. For example, when using a Third Party Logistics company (3PL), a 940 is sent to them requesting goods to be shipped. When the goods are shipped a 945 comes back to the Sage Intacct user and fulfills the order quantities.
    • Automatic Item Fulfillment included in the standard EDI price.
    • Full, seamless integration through Web Services.
    • Built in cross referencing and business logic.
    • Fully-integrated Advance Ship Notice (ASN) support.
    • Full Warehouse support including GS1 / UCC-128 label creation.
    Omni-Channel Supply Chain:
    EDI is more than just purchase orders and invoices.  We support all forms of communication between Ecommerce sites, online marketplaces, box stores, warehouses and 3pls, drop ship suppliers, retailers and many more. 

    B2BGateway has offices in North America, Europe and Australia enabling us to offer unparalleled support in many time zones with emergency after hours support available as well. For further information please visit www.B2BGateway.Net or email Sales@B2BGateway.Net


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